Vera Logs

Hi All,

Just wondering how I can access Vera logs. I know it’s possible somehow, I just can’t seem to find them. I’m having intermittent issues with timers not firing when they should; I’m hoping there might be something in the logs that can help me figure out why a unit wasn’t switched off when it should have been etc.

Any help is appreciated.


Oh, BTW: I’ve been in to the “logs” section under advanced and the logging is set to “verbose”. There are a couple of options at the bottom that say “Most recent events” and “Most recent notifications” which look like they should be links or buttons, but they don’t do anything when I click on them.



I have the same issue… I see lots of reference to detailed logs here in the forum, but I cannot find anything on my system on the Advanced -->Logs screen. I turned on notifications for an event and I do see the notifications listed, but nothing in the “Most recent events” section. I searched the ‘help’ topic for this issue, but the information listed there is for a different version.

I am running Vera2 with U14. My screen does not look like those listed in the help section for this topic.

Guideance on this topic would be appreciated. Diagnostics takes much longer when you are ‘flying blind’.

I believe you need to log into the box via ssh, and then browse the file system to find the logs you want to look at.


There are two areas I know of on Vera 1.

  1. Local IP or Goto: Setup, Advanced, Logs.
  2. Luup notifications (takes a while to load)


If you’re familiar with SSH you can get detailed logs fairly easily.

I believe the log file you’re looking for is “LuaUPnP.log”

in the /tmp/log/cmh directory

…You can: “tail -f LuaUPnP.log” to watch the logs live.

Disclaimer: If you don’t know what the above means… STOP. do some Google searches and get a little familiar with SSH and the “tail” and “grep” commands before you attempt to look at the logs using SSH.

Your default SSH username will be “root” and your password will be an 8 digit alphanumeric password similar to the following"002B4CE7" Found on the bottom of your Vera unit. (It was in my case)

Good Luck!

Thanks for your help folks.

I’m running a Vera 2 with UI4 so unfortunately the Vera 1 instructions don’t apply. I’m not familiar with SSH but it looks like I might need to learn a bit about it if I’m going to continue to work with this unit. I’m just hoping that MCV is stabilizing the UI4 interface as it seems very flakey right now. There is a bunch of stuff I’m finding that just simply doesn’t work or works “sometimes”.

Thanks again,



If you want the detailed logs to where you can see which devices are responding (white)or not (red) in real time you will need to download a small program and create a password after logging in with telnet. Creating the password will lock the telnet login and you will only be able to log in with SSH in the future. It is worth setting up for the detail that is revealed in the logs.

After you have logged in, copy and paste the following to see the real time data… cd /var/log/cmh tail -f LuaUPnP.log


For some reason, I am unable to SSH to my vera to be able to check my logs. I am comfortable with SSH as I use that method to mange my NASs on the same network, and I can luci in from the web interface, but shelling from putty is not working for me. I assume it may have to do with the port forward setup I have on the router.

Anywhoo, does anyone have any success with the gui logs showing at all? I assume I just get blank log pages because MCV still has not enabled this, but thought I would double-check with the forum. I am running 1.1.1245 on a vera2. Great related news: since upgrading to 1245 I have had 100% uptime, so it has fixed the rebooting issue.

I’m assuming you’re on the same Network as your Vera (ie, not remote), then this should work: