Vera Lite with Two Wireless Routers

Just a Genreal Question with how Vera Lite works.

My home has two routers, A and B, connected to each other. A is the main DHCP server, B acting on the client. This makes it one network, but both have different WI-FI SSID’s.

So when I connect the Vera Lite to any of the router, will the signal be transferred to the other router as well?


Yes, because its just one network.

In your configurtion the 2 access points can be seen just as switches.

I guess a more appropriate question would be does this device send signals over WI-FI, or does it have an inbuilt transmitter?. My two routers are far away from each other. Will the signal propagate from one network to another?

WiFi is for your smart phone connectivity to Vera via router . Vera has inbuilt z-wave internal antennae to communicate its message to Z-wave devices.

In my setup it works like this:

iPhone> Wifi Router > Network Switch > Vera 2> Z-wave devices.

If both of your Wifi are part of same network it should work fine. Or else keep common SSID for both Wifi, so that you dont have to switch your Wifi all the time.

hope this helped.

@mbhatia - Vera Lite does NOT have any WiFi. Vera Lite must be directly connected to the network using an ethernet cable.

If you are unable to use a wired ethernet connection, some people have connected Vera Lite to a WiFi network by using an external USB WiFi dongle.,13432.msg105371.html#msg105371

Vera 3 has built-in WiFi.

So in theory if both my routers are far apart, and the signals from the zwave transmitter are not able to reach the other end of the house, I would require 2 controllers?

I’m not sure what you are trying to say or do. You seem to be referring to Z-Wave and WiFi interchangeably.

Z-Wave and WiFi are not related.

What I’m trying to say is that my WIFI from one end of the house does not reach the other end. To solve this problem, I have two routers that are bridged. I’m guessing I will face a similar fate with the vera’s. The signal will not reach to the other end of the house. What are the options to combat this problem (ie to extend the range of the transmission)?


z-wave signal travel NOT via the Network or the wifi signal …
as more z-wave devices you have, the better the network will be.

you do NOT need to worry about the network at all.
just make sure the veralight is connected to one of the two wifi accesspoints via Ethernet cable to have a internet connection.

p.s. you wont need the wifi or network or internet to operate a z-wave network its just so you can control the network in a more practical fasion, but not required to opearate the z-wave itself

understand now

and the answer is NO … you wont need other access points for the z-wave network. as long you have enough z-wave hardware in between as almost all of them do act already as repeater for the network itself.

as more z-wave devices you have the stringer the network gets, no extra controller required

To extend the range of your Vera/Z-Wave network, you would add Z-Wave devices in between. For example, if your Vera is on one side of the house and you wish to control a light switch on the other side of the house(that you find to be outside of Vera’s Z-Wave range), then you add another Z-Wave module(switch/outlet…) somewhere in between. Each Z-Wave node acts as a repeater so that the Z-Wave commands are routed across multiple Z-Wave nodes to the end device.

Again, I am talking about Z-Wave NOT WiFi.

Understood the concept now.

Thanks Guys…