Vera Lite vs. Energy - Historic KWH / Watt

Hi all.

Yet another thing that seems weird to me.

I have the Vera Lite with UI5.
I have connected a Everspring AN158 light switch with Power measuring.
The above is connected to our new dryer.
I wanted to see how much power it uses during a “drying of clothes…”.
Anyhow to my question.

The dryer has run 4 times now and when I look at the historical Usage it tells me it has used: 5987 KWH …

Is it just me or shouldn’t it be 5,987 KWH or 5987 WH ? …

when it is at maximum load it uses 800 Watt (I see this correctly in UI…) each dry process takes about 2 hours… going from 400 - 800 Watts…


A typical dryer here in the US can draw up to 20 amps at 240V, or 4,800 Watts. If you do this for an hour, it’s 4.8 KWh (Kilowatts*hours). Our laundry gets done in about 40 minutes for a load. Your numbers do look off by a factor of 1000.

So if your dryer runs 800 Watts (at 220v) Each load takes about 2 hours and you processed four loads, this should be:
800w * 2 h / load * 4 loads = 6400 watt-hours or 6.4 kilowatt-hours (KWh). If your consumption varies from 400 to 800 watts, then the consumption of 5.987 KWh looks about right.

Here in the US we use commas to separate groups of three decimal places with commas and place decimal fractions behind the decimal point. My cousins in Germany do just the opposite. They use the periods to separate groups of three decimal places and the comma to separate the unit and the decimal fraction. Could it be the number was formatted 5,987 KWh for Europe?

Here is what my electric consumption looks like with the clothes dryer running: :o

Hi, I understand that Europe vs. US are using different way of separation.

My issue is Vera doesn’t separate at all …

5983 KWH is wrong(this is more than I use in a whole year :open_mouth: )… All I need is Vera to say 5.983 KWH or 5,983 KWH … OR 5983 WH etc… =)

Just wondering if anyone else has this issue with no separation.


On my Veralite I just see numbers in that page, no unit of measurement at all. The numbers are consistent with being watt-hours, but I don’t see it say Wh anywhere on the page.

Perhaps I’m not looking closely enough.