Vera Lite UI7 adding scenes to Jasco/Ge 45601 Remote Control

Hi All,

I have a couple of the above Jasco/Ge 45601 remote controls and while I have no problem getting them paired with Vera and assigning the various buttons to specific devices I am having a hair pulling time ??? trying to figure out how to get the scenes setup correctly.

Here is the situation; I have a Z-Wave outlet setup with a surge protector and my A/V gear plugged into it. So I have one of the buttons setup to turn this outlet on or off. So if I want to watch TV etc, I turn this outlet on and then turn on the TV for example. I also have my living room light setup on a Z-wave switch.

I figured I would add a scene to the remote to do the following when activated: 1) Turn on the TV outlet, 2) Turn on the living room light and dim to 35%. When deactivated turn off the TV outlet and turn off the living room light.

Since you can only assign 1 scene per button in Goto devices → GE Remote Living Room → Select scenes for device buttons -->click the drop down for box one and select the desired scene I am assuming that there has to be a way to create a single scene that functions to activate (press button ON) AND deactivate, (press button OFF) the chosen scene, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how.

I have tried adding two triggers to one scene to activate and deactivate, (I can’t see to get two triggers to do two different things in the same scene) I have tried creating two different scenes an activate and deactivate and I can only get the activate or deactivate to work with button x. I can’t seem to get button x ON to execute the activate the and button x OFF to execute the deactivate scene.

I’ve outlined the steps I am suing to create a scene and set it up on the remote below.

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Steps I go through to create scenes for the Jasco/GE 45601 remote for the Vera Lite UI7

  1. Goto scenes–> Add Scene–> 1. Step 1 Select a Trigger → Whenever the… Select device → GE Remote Living Room → A scene is activated → Which scene number 1 for button 1 → Validate
  2. Next Step
  3. Step 2: Device Actions → What do you want to have happen? → Select Devices → Main Living Room Light & Outlet NE Wall TV selected → Next
  4. Set Living room light to ON and 35%. Set TV outlet to ON → Validate
  5. Step 3:Finish the Scene: Room name → Living Room → scene name GE_Living_room_TV
  6. Goto devices → GE Remote Living Room → Select scenes for device buttons -->click the drop down for box one and select the scene created in steps 1-5 → Click Assign scenes to buttons