Vera Lite - UI5 "Unable to communicate with unit" error message

I am having no luck connecting with my Vera Lite that I just purchased. I followed the instructions and upgraded the firmware to 1.5.322 when I first booted up the unit. I had solid “power”, solid “ready” and solid “internet” lights before commencing firmware update.

After the firmware update, I installed the alarm plugin in UI5 for a AD2USB unit (alarm panel integration). I have yet to test the alarm panel integration because it was unable to save any of my settings.

This is when I looked at the Vera Lite unit and noticed that I get a solid “power” light and a solid “internet” light but the “ready” light never comes on. When attempting to log into the unit, I get the “Unable to communicate with your unit” error message.

I have already tried the double tap recessed reset button with no luck.

Did the firmware update or alarm panel plugin installation cause this?

I currently do not have a zwave devices added. I only have a AD2USB connected to my Vera Lite. The “ready” light never comes on whether the AD2USB is connected or not.

Please help me troubleshoot. Thanks.

Can anyone help in the meantime?

I have already emailed tech support and opened a ticket. (#93505)


Don’t really have an idea but did you try to connect locally as well directly to the vera ip adress?

Yes, I’ve tried to connect both ways. The “ready” light is never on. The “getting started” pamphlet states to contact tech support if the “ready” light does not turn on…which I already have via an email and open ticket. Still waiting of course…just thought maybe some of you guys have experienced the same and may have some insight on this issue.

I think I remember reading somewhere that the ready light may not come on… So if we assume that the unit is ok lets try and figure out if you can see the box on your network. I would guess that the unit either got a new DHCP IP address from your router. Have you checked it’s client table for your device and verified the IP address? Or have you disconnected it from your home network and plugged it directly into your laptop and set your laptop IP to gateway

aschwalb: When I check my router’s client table, the Vera Lite is assigned an IP of However, i cannot access the unit on a browser at that address. What do you mean by verifying the IP address?

When I plug the Vera Lite directly to my laptop and set my laptop IP to and gateway to, and attempt to access the Vera Lite at on a browser, it does not connect either. When I do it this way, I get a solid power light and blinking internet light. No ready light as usual.

Thank for helping.

Thank you everyone for trying to help. Tech support was able to remote in and “unlock” my Vera Lite.

this worked for me
into Vera’s web interface open go to Setup->Advanced->Net&Wi-Fi and reeboot unit