Vera Lite - restore after FW flash

my Vera Lite died. Blue light only. I can get it into “recovery mode” where I could flash a firmware (flashing orange). If I do this, can I restore my Z-Wave network afterwards (“repair network”)? Or do I need to include again all devices? Does the Vera Lite store a backup online? I have no backup of the configuration.

If I have to start from scratch (exclude and re-include), I rather say “goodbye” and move to a new controller… Can I somehow get the Z-wave key for my Vera Lite and re-use the key on the new controller to avoid exclude & re-include?

Hello @wolfgangm

If the restoration process works and the Vera Lite works just fine as it used to, then, a backup file can be used to restore the devices, scenes, and other configurations you added.

If you open a support ticket and provide us with the Serial Number of your Vera Lite, we could search if there is a backup on our server that could be used to restore your settings and devices.
But, if we don’t find any backup files, yes, you will have no other option but to start from scratch with your devices, either if that means adding the devices to your Vera Lite one by one, or adding them to another controller.

Finally, as far as I am aware, you can’t copy the Vera Lite Z-Wave network to another controller.
However, using a backup file from a Vera Lite on a Vera Edge, Plus or Secure, usually results in successfully restoring your Z-Wave network on any of those controllers. However, that’s not always the case.

Best regards.

I was actually able to restore the Vera Lite and it restored all devices by itself, maybe from a backup? Anyway, I would like to extract the network key of the z-wave network, so I can restore the network on a opensource controller if this happens again. To my understanding Vera Support can do this or send me instructions what to run in ssh?

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