Vera Lite not responding after making changes to PLEG


I am just wondering if anyone is seeing the same issue I am.

Recently I upgrade my Vera Lite from UI5 to UI7. After doing this many of the scenes I created with PLEG stopped working correct so I decided I would reread the PLEG instructions, create a new PLEG and recreate all of them. This also would give me a chance to clean them up as I had schedules, triggers and properties defined that were not being used.

I created a new PLEG and started creating my triggers, schedules, conditions and actions one at a time then tested them. Each time before I tested them, I would reload the LUA and reboot the Vera.

I added 1 scene, went to test it but my Vera would not respond to the scene I just created (Turn on a light when the front door is opened). When I tried to turn on the light using AutHomation app from my phone, it didn’t work either and when I tried to turn on the light from the Vera console, it didn’t work either.

I unplugged the power cord from the Vera, waited a minute or 2, plugged it back in again, waited a minute or so and then tried again. Opened the door and nothing, tried AutHomation, nothing, logged into Vera again via laptop and tried to toggle the light on and nothing.

I then unplugged the USB PLM from the wall and the Vera power. Waited 5 minutes this time, plugged the USB PLM back into the wall, waited a few minutes and then powered the Vera Lite again.

Opened the door, and the light went on as expected.

I decided to try to add another scene so when night is registered and the living room light is off, turn on the front porch lights. I reloaded the LUA and reboot the Vera again.

When Vera came up again, tested the scene and it did not work. I tried to open the door and the light did not come on either which this scene was just working.

Went through the process again of unplugged the USB PLM and power from the Vera, waited again and when everything came back up, this scene worked as well as the first scene.

Is anyone else having (or have) and issue like this?

I have added a Status Report. Not sure if it is helpful but figured it couldn’t hurt


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