Vera Lite "Failed to setup security" When Pairing Kwikset Lever


After getting my Kwikset Lever/Lock installed I have run in to the error “Failed to setup security” when I add it to my Vera Lite (firmware 1.7.649). I have read on here that others with this error found success by excluding the device from the Vera, taking the batteries out of the Kwikset, pushing the “program” button on the Kwikset 3 times, pushing the “Z-Wave” button on the Kwikset 3 times, and then pairing it with the Vera again. I have tried this a few times with no success.

I also read that the security info transfer between the Kwikset and the Vera can take longer than the lights on the Vera indicate. Does anyone have experience with this? If so, how long did it take after starting the inclusion process for the security info to successfully transfer to the Vera. I should also mention I am attempting this pairing using the “battery” mode on the Vera. Am I better off taking the plug with me and leaving it powered on that way when attempting to pair? Thanks in advance for any help given!

I would start by excluding and then trying to pair it again. Remember the 3-6 foot rule does apply to especially to locks. Locks take longer than other devices to pair. What I do is to do the pairing process with my controller plugged in and connected to the web so I can watch the process on my computer screen as I do the pairing and then I install the lock into the door.

Thanks for your response. I will try it with everything plugged in. Just to clarify, is the 3-6 foot rule that the Vera should be between 3-6 feet from the doorlock when pairing?