Vera Lite devices magically disappearing

Hi All,

I’ve been seeing a weird issue with my Vera Lite lately, (UI7, firmware 1.7.690). I’ve recently been adding a number of new devices to my home automation scheme and creating scenes for them. The latest devices I’ve added are the Aeon Labs 4in1 sensors and I had some issues with getting them to pair with Vera correctly and had to un-pair them multiple times.

In the midst of doing this I decided to make a changes to several scenes and noticed that my master bedroom light was no longer listed as paired. I added it back in and after getting the Aeon sensors paired properly was going to make a few more changes on some scenes before backing up and I noticed that my overhead light in the hall was no longer paired.

I then started checking devices and found two wall outlets and another light switch that was missing from Vera. I was able to un-pair, (because the devices still thought they were paired) and re-pair them successfully, but this has happened enough times to be a concern and an annoyance since when re-paired it is not the same device ID etc, so it has to be re-added to all scenes it was a part of.

Has anyone else seen this and if so do you have and idea what was causing the issue and how to stop it from continuing to happen? I have been adding devices and scenes lately and this could become a real PITA.



Did you fix this problem and how, I have the same issue.



No unfortunately I did not. As you can see I received no responses to my post.

What I’ve done as a sorta of solution is to get everything configured the way I want, make sure all my devices are there then do a full system backup which I then save to my network drives. I have created a spreadsheet that lists all the details of that backup. If any of my devices go south I just do a full restore. It’s a hassle, but it beats trying to figure out what devices are missing and then rebuild the scenes etc after re-pairing the device. If I find that I have “a” device missing then I don’t even bother with seeing what else is/might be missing I just do a restore.

The key is you have to do regular backup when you make changes/add devices and you have to have a way to document and keep track of them. Like I said it’s a pain, but its better than constantly having to re-add devices and re-update scenes.

Also, There is a script that I was directed to that will list all the devices paired with your Vera as well as one which will list all your scenes and their associated devices. The data it provides right now is too limited for me so I and trying to modify the code to provide a greater level of detail and set it up do create a CSV file for direct import into Excel, but my limited knowledge of the scripting language for Vera has slowed down my efforts. If your interested in the code you can search for my other posts and follow the links or I’ll look it up and post it here in this thread.

Sorry, wish I could have given you a better option.


Thanks very much, I hope it works out for you. I can see the device I want in veramate, it also shows when activated in alerts but it’s not registrared as a device that I can see in the device list.

If I figure anything out I will drop you a line.

Thanks again,