Vera Lite as a Comms Room environment monitor

Hi Guys,

I am currently using a Vera 2 unit at home and have had plenty of fun and experience with it.

I am about to move our disaster recovery site at work from one block to another block and there is not environmental monitoring of any shape in the new site for the Server Rack and there is no appetite to spend a fortune. For this I am thinking of the following, please let me know what you think:-

Vera Lite controller (this will be connected to an External ADSL Line)
Everspring Temperature and Humidity sensor
Everspring Smoke Detector
Everspring Water Detector
Foscam PT Camera

The Foscam will be plugged directly into the back of the wireless router.

Have I missed anything or have I got everything covered. No need for security on the door, as this room will be access controlled.

I look forward to hear all your comments.

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As an IT professional who works in the super computing field, I do not recommend that you use Vera for critical environmental monitoring especially for server equipement. This job should be left to hardware specialized for this task.

  • Garrett

Hi Garrett,

I share your concerns, however as it is a cold standby unit and its offsite, no one in the other building is willing to pay the costs or here, and this seems like a easier option.

I would be doing site checks at least once a week, but would like the facility to monitor, as the current facility had a leaky A/C unit that was not picked up for 3 weeks and by that time damage was done to some equipment.

If it was me, I would be using something like Netbotz from APC or something similar, but I have to go with the lowest cost, but if it was me I share your concerns, but any additional input is greatly appreciated.

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In that case, I would look into using the EDS One wire plugin and with the EDS One wire setup and interface it with vera. This will give you a more accurate temp and humidity. You can also have many probes to monitor around the rack.

Have a look here:,8381.0.html

The smoke detector, I am not sure it is fully supported. Other on this forum have reported issues. But may have been corrected. You’ll have to search the forum.

  • Garrett