Vera Light & DHS Single Switch (In wall module) - Lights only turn off


I got a licenced electrician out the other day to install a number of DHS single switches and a DHS in wall dimmer.

The dimmer is turning on and off perfectly with the Vera system however the single switches are only able to turn off when controlled using Vera. I manually switch them on at the wall using the bell press switch and it instantly shows as being on when I look at it in the devices screen so I can then turn it off successfully using my mobile device.

So my question is why can they be turned off via the vera but not on? Could the electrician got the wiring wrong?

Additional info on the various components:

[ul][li]Controller is a Vera Light
[li]The device Vera chose is a iModuleSingle
The DHS in wall single switch is DHS-LIT-SWW-DHS-01

Please let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I am also having this issue. Cant switch them on in my Vera3 but can switch them off.

Cheers, Dave.

maybe the electrician swapped line and load wires? Just guessing but could explain weird behavior.

Checked the wiring - all good.

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I haven’t checked wiring yet but I will try to and see if its ok.

Im wondering could it be the way we are adding the vera to the network?

  1. disconnect vera light from power
  2. press add device button
  3. press the bell bress switch until you see the vera start to have flickering lights.
  4. plug vera back into network and power and you can see the iModule appear after logging in.



I tried to look but all I could see was red and black wires, means nothing to me.

I can send someone a photo if they give me an email address as the photos are to large for this website.


ok shrunk it in word, I can provide higher resolution if required.

The photo does not provide the key which is the wiring to the switch. The switch press must complete the contact as displayed in the link below

Ok I have included the other picture but doesn’t give a good angle of the switch.

I have put it all together again I will have to try and hold up both the DHS and the switch at the right angle some time over the next week if you need more.

To me it looks like there might be two many cables going from the switch to the DHS unit going off your diagram but I don’t know if I’m reading it right?

Also I really appreciate the help.

If I was you, I get the sparkie back. I am not a electrician but it does not look right.
There are the require feed both Live or Active (red) and Neutral (black) and they either one is switched but then must go to your load (the light).

Looking at the photo shows that I suspect you have neutral coming in but not going out, normal light the neutral might be grouped together and as just the live is switched. But I cannot see the load’s neutral so are they tied together behind the wall?

The is the switch which triggers the on/off for this. That is one goes to the switch and one returns. The switches have more connector which are loop or not switch too. They should not be connected to the two wires doing the above on/off provided by the Bell press switch. See

This may display the wiring a little easier for you

Does that switch mech have the blue led? If so that’s wired correctly.

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FYI - I downgraded from ui7 to ui5 and the modules work fine now.

[quote=“dglewis80, post:11, topic:186754”]Does that switch mech have the blue led? If so that’s wired correctly.

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Yes it does have a blue LED nice pick up :slight_smile:

So where to from here? Can we get UI7 fixed or am I also forced to down grade to UI5? If so can you point me in the right direction?

I’ve spoken to support, they hope to have it fixed in the next update.

Unsure how long that might be…