Vera Knowledge Base not showing existing Search results

Surprisingly, when I typed ‘ecobee’ in the Search box at the VERA Knowledge Base page (here) it came up with “No Results” (see) either for the “Knowledge Base” or the “Community”.

Ironically, all of this happened just after completing the “Contact Customer Care” procedure, in which I am seeking help removing ghost devices from the Ecobee app.

I know the “No Results” warning is wrong, because I’ve seen many such matching topics and discussions. Certainly, a user in search of answers should be seeing them, too.

As they say here down South: “Somethin’ is broke.”

I’d use the community search function, top right of the page. Many results from the community


I’m sorry for the confusion, the Community term in the KB CMS refers to something else.
If you want to search something about the Ecobee device in the forum, use the search function in here, as Catman mentioned.


Appreciate the explanation, which I had already grokked. My initial post is mainly intended to alert the site devs that newcomers may find the nomenclature confusing.

Ever since MiCasaVerde asked me to rewrite the entire FAQ back in the day (wow, has it been over 10 years now?), I’ve been aware of the need for very concise and unambiguous language here in the Community areas.

So please consider it general feedback, not a specific user’s issue.

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My word. There’s something I’ve not heard for many years. Still, waiting is…


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