Vera + KKMoon IP Camera - problem with live streaming

I’m trying to integrate my new Vera Plus UI7 with KKmoon IP Camera.
I use iSpy application to search for correct URL’s.
When i found them it looks like only one of them is supported by Vera.
It ends with http://…/auto.jpg
Rest of URLs is for RTSP connection but it looks like vera doesn’t support it.
I can see picture but i also have information that my camera have no live streaming and picture is refreshing very slowly.
I’ve read many topics about this problems but i didn’t found answer.
Is it possible to integrate this type of camera with my device?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I spent weeks using iSpy and trying to get cameras integrated into Vera. I ended up using Blue Iris. Works for me.

Sharing my experience with integrating Netatmo cameras, you need to have local IP of your camera (can be taken from your router, if it reports devices attached to it) and the link to the place where you can see live stream.
Not all streaming file types are supported and that may be the issue.
For example Netatmo have still image previev in .jpg files which are working fine with Vera, but updated about once per minute.
For video stream Netatmo uses .m3u8 file type which is not readed by Vera, so no luck.

If you get stills, try to find the link where sream is located (you should be able to see streaming video when you put that link into your browser) and if the file type is supported by vera, you’ll have it.