Vera JavaScript - Lang.js (/mios/www/cmh/js/config/lang.js)

I was trying to work out how to change update elements of the static json files needed for a new plug-in, when i came across the lang.js file in which seems to be a full of pre-set text messages that can be used .

"ui7_event_type_sys_message":"System message",

Putting that as the lang_tag in the json…

					"Label": {
						"lang_tag": "ui7_event_type_sys_message",
						"text": "Event : "

Seems to ignore the text in the json and presents the associated message - see below ?

Are there any others design elements that people know of that are handled in other .js files ?


These variables are used in order to localize and standardize message. I don’t pay a lot of attention to them, but you could see them in lang.js and lang-*.js.

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