Vera integration with GE Concord Alarm System

Have a Vera3 with 2 Kwikset Z-wave Door Locks, and a Schlage Motion Detector. Just moved into a new house that has a legacy wired GE Concord Alarm System that the previous homeowner was paying $50 per month for alarm monitoring service. Wanted to monitor the alarm system myself through Vera3. Can anyone walk me through what I need to add to the master alarm panel to first, hook it up to my router for internet connection monitoring and second, to manage the alarm system through my Vera3?

Many thanks,

You need to purchase an automation module. 60-783-02 | GE ITI SuperBus 2000 RS-232 Automation Module …

You also need USB to RS-232 cable to connect from the home automation module to the vera controller. This should be an FTDI chipset.