Vera Forum is so Confusing!!!...

[ul]Has anybody thought about creating a new forum that would be broken down into specific topics that make more sense? I would begin by really controlling the moderation and laying ground rules in order that everyone follows the proper protocol. The best forum structure and control would be like the one for XDA Developers.
It’s very important to keep it very organized. I would include a free marketplace with a rating system. A deals page that would be official editor’s Choice recommendations and have a format that is a hybrid of SlickDeals and Dealnews. What an AppStore? Anybody agree that this forum can be very frustrating?

There could be topics for the following:

[list][li]a Zigbee forum[/li]
[li]voice control platforms[/li]
[li]a how-to forum[/li]
[li]product specific forums[/li]
[li]voice control platforms, one for “Alexa” and one for “Okay Google”[/li]
[li]a how-to forum[/li]
[li]product eco-systems[/li]
[li]Wyze Cam Cameras[/li]
[li]Camera Surveillance Platforms[/li]
[li]Raspberry Pi 3[/li]
[li]Raspberry Pi A[/li]
[li]Raspberry Pi A W[/li]
[li]Smoke Detectors and CO Sensors[/li]
[li]Raspberry Pi A[/li]
[li]Experimental Projects and Ideas[/li]
[li]Irrigation Control[/li]
[li]Blue Iris[/li]
[li]Raspberry Pi Cameras[/li]
[li]voice control platforms[/li]
[li]Electrical Outlets[/li]
[li]Dimmers & Switches[/li]
[li]LCD RGB Lighting[/li]
[li]Bathroom lighting[/li]
[li]Kitchen lighting[/li]
[li]Heating & Cooling, i.e. thermostats[/li]
[li]Split ACs[/li]
[li]Remote Controls[/li]
[li]Home Entertainment[/li]
[li]Android Entertainment boxes, like the Nvidia Shield or the Google Player[/li]
[li]Xiaomi Products[/li]
[li]Home Security[/li]
[li]Home Surveillance[/li]
[li]Door Locks[/li]
[li]Occupancy Sensors[/li]
[li]Relay Projects[/li]
[li]Garage Door Openers[/li]
[li]Sirens, Chimes, Strobes and alerting[/li]
[li]Blinds & Window Covering Control[/li]
[li]Doorbell Integration[/li]
[li]Weather Stations[/li]
[li]Alarm Panel Integration[/li]
[li]IOS Apps[/li]
[li]Android Apps[/li]


what does everybody think?[/ul]

How is that any simpler than what exist now? :o

It’s simpler because you could branch off by specific type of item and/or platform. Mostly everything now is grouped in a hodgepodge of posts within the general section of Vera forms.