Vera feedback to iRule

I am considering iRule to bring my home automation and A/V together in one app. Since iRule is supposed to support “feedback” now, has anyone got that to work with Vera?
Also, it seems like the standard of using port 80 to communicate with Vera externally is too insecure. Can iRule be set up as an interface with the secure as long as you provide the username and password?

I’m not new to programming but am to XML/HTML/HTTP/UPnP etc, so I am going through a few tutorials before I start the iRule trial.

On a side note, how does Open Remote compare with iRule?



There is a lot of information on this forum that will answer most of your questions on here. I use irule for my dedicated home theatre and with Vera. However, I have not used the feedback portion of irule.

Port 80 is only used for Vera’s web interace and is only accessible on your internal network. The api calls to interface with vera use ports 3480 and 49451. Have a look here for some info:

Unless you plan on using irule outside of your network, there is no point of going through the mios servers. Unless you open ports to vera on the outside of the network (which I do not recommend) security should not be an issue e.g. port 80.

  • Garrett

I have looked through the threads but didn’t find anything on feedback or going through the mios servers. I did see one post on using an alternative method to reporting that I will probably look at again. I was planning on using iRule outside of the network. I figure as long as I’m going through the effort to make a nice UI to interface with Vera, I might as well use that externally too instead of the website or another app. I didn’t want to open the ports, which is why I was wondering how you could access the secured mios servers using iRule.

Do you think iRule is worth it? I had considered Demopad, but I will be on android which it looks like they have no plans to support. Roomie doesn’t seem to be as flexible, but is better for a quick set up.

After trying out a number of different apps, I decided to go for iRule a couple months ago and I’m very pleased with my decision. I use iRule on a daily basis and constantly extending it. Highly recommended!

I use feedback extensively. It works OK, but iRule misses a few features that would make it much more convenient to use. For instance, they don’t use variables so you have to hard code device ids etc. everywhere. But don’t let that scare you too much, it works pretty well. And from what I understand, they are working hard on improving this bit.

Here’s an example of a how I set up a thermostat query:

  1. Create a Network Code under your MiCasaVerde device (I just imported one that someone else had created as a starting point), called Thermostat Query. This will be used to fetch the temperatures. Use the following fields:
data: data_request?id=lu_status&DeviceNum=<your-thermostat-device-id>&output_format=xml
  1. Create a new numeric feeback (you need the pro version for this) called CurrentTemperature, with the following fields:
Prefix: *"CurrentTemperature" value="
Suffix: ">*

format: Ascii
notation: Decimal
point position: floating
formula: x
min: -30
max: 100
value units: celsius
  1. Open the entrances of panel you want to use for displaying thermostat info. Drag the Thermostat Query into the entrance.
  2. Drag the feedback anywhere on the panel

Add the proper gateway to your app and you should have a temperature reading when you open the panel!

Good luck and have fun!

Great info glennsp and welcome to the forum!

  • Garrett

Thanks guys for the info. I finally got the trial, but am confused at setting up a button to just send &DeviceNum=4&serviceId=urn:upnp-org:serviceId:Dimming1&action=SetLoadLevelTarget&newLoadlevelTarget=10, with my own information of course. Normal use is assumed to be local, using a gateway with the local IP address and port, but how to I just send the full URL?

Thanks, Garrett!

bltpyro, don’t include the server address or ip in the request in iRule Builder. You specify this in the iOS app.

In the iOS app, go to Gateways, press Edit and “Add new gateway” under HTTP.
Select Devices, Add device and select you MiCasaVerde device.
Specify your ip, port 3480 and you username and password. HTTP Method should be GET.

In your example, use /demovera/myvera123/12345/data_request?id=lu_action&DeviceNum=4&serviceId=urn:upnp-org:serviceId:Dimming1&action=SetLoadLevelTarget&newLoadlevelTarget=10 in the iRule Builder and in the iOS app.

And remember, you need the Pro version if you want to try feedback, the trial doesn’t have this.


Man I just can’t seem to get this working. So for the HTTP gateway, IP = Also, you put your username/password in both the builder and also in the username and password section for the gateway? It seems like I have tried every combination and it just isn’t working.

To confirm the server for your unit use the link below, you do not need to enter your userne just use as is.


Sorry to resurrect an old post but I am in the same situation. I can get feedbacks to work locally but not through

For the gateway I am setting it as
port: 80 (I’ve tried 443, 3480, as well).
l/p: tried leaving them blank since the irule command will send them. have also tried entering them

The irule gateway icon turns green but nothing is working.

Has anyone successfully implemented feedbacks through the mios servers and give detailed info. Maybe even include what they are using for prefix/suffix in the feedbacks to rule that out as well.

You will have to use the gateway that is specified by the call to:

And it can and does change from time to time.

NOTE: This will NOT work for UI6 and later.

Do you have to go through the Mios servers? Why not use the ip address of your Vera.

  • Garrett

Thanks guys for the replies.

I did use the proper gateway (fwd4) in my case. Didn’t use the IP directly as I was working from home and 3480 isn’t open to the web. Then I got consumed trying to figure out what I was doing incorrect.

Have either of you successfully got it to work through the servers? Could you copy and paste what works?


I only use iRule for controlling my equipment. I do not use it to provide feedback from Vera. I do have it issue a few vera commands to turn on some of the switches and outlets for my home theater equipment. I use my local ip address of Vera.

  • Garrett

[quote=“garrettwp, post:14, topic:174144”]I only use iRule for controlling my equipment. I do not use it to provide feedback from Vera. I do have it issue a few vera commands to turn on some of the switches and outlets for my home theater equipment. I use my local ip address of Vera.

  • Garrett[/quote]

Garrett, do you get any delay using your IRule to issue commands to your Vera to turn on some switches and outlets?
I get a huge delay (sometimes not at all) in trying to do this.

I’m a begginer and i need a step by step about how integrate Vera with IRule. Anyone can help me?

Where are you getting hung up?
Irule has cleaned up their vera module significantly and it works now. Are you using the module or trying to do it alone? You wrote that you are a beginner and are looking for a step by step walkthrough, so I’d suggest going with the module and reading the info provided by irule to start. You should be able to get up and running with that but feel free to post back any questions.