Vera extroot

VeraPlus now extrooted :grinning:

Backup from Edge was easily restored on VeraPlus, which was a pleasant surprise!

I tried your backup-script, but it didn’t work on my newly extrooted VeraPlus:

Probably failed because I don’t have mtdblock7 mounted, but any idea why that isn’t mounted?

Your vera is on running on mtdblock6 instead of 7. You can just change the content of the script replacing 7 with 6.

thanks, but for the other users you could implement some kind of detection for the mount points into the script?

Yes I could get the script to do this. I am travelling at the moment so I may need another week before I get to it.

@tunnus Could you do me a favor and run a df -h after the block mount function so I can be sure I am getting the right mount point? Thanks!

here you go


Thank you. Please find the updated script attached.

Didn’t work in my setup, a corrected version below:


block mount

if [ -d “/mnt/mtdblock7/etc” ]; then
elif [ -d “/mnt/mtdblock6/etc” ]; then
else echo “error, vera flash not mounted”
exit 0

/bin/cp -pv /etc/cmh/dongle* $PATH
echo “dongle copied”
/bin/cp -pv /etc/cmh/user_data* $PATH
echo “user data copied”
/bin/umount $MOUNT

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Huh yeah sorry I forgot to change the unmount point. Thanks.

well, there were a couple of other typos as well if u look closer :grinning:

…and for some reason cp & mount commands needed full path

script updated…

@rafale77, your update contains an error, e.g.

cp -pv /etc/cmh/dongle* “$PATH/cmh”

…there should be $PATH/etc/cmh, also I think it would be better to use some other variable than PATH which is already in use. My suggestion below (this also echoes user where we found Vera’s flash drive):

block mount
if [ -d "/mnt/mtdblock7/etc" ]; then
  echo "Vera flash found on $MOUNT"
elif [ -d "/mnt/mtdblock6/etc" ]; then
  echo "Vera flash found on $MOUNT"
  echo "Error, Vera flash not mounted"
  exit 0

cp -pv /etc/cmh/dongle* $MOUNT/etc/cmh/
echo "dongle copied"
cp -pv /etc/cmh/user_data* $MOUNT/etc/cmh/
echo "user data copied"
umount $MOUNT

Could you update the first post in this thread and remove other instances of this backup script? Would be less confusion

Side note: if you precede and follow your code with three-backticks (```) on lines by themselves, you’ll get code block style formatting and the indents should be preserved. It also won’t wreck the quotes, so people copy-pasting the code will have better luck.


Thanks for the advice!

Here you go. Sorry for the boo (750 Bytes)

Ok, I have read every comment in this thread. My vera edge goes offline daily with the IOS app saying that it is loading data and I am unable to connect. And, vera stops working. I have a couple of questions. I had a home invasion recently which could have been prevented if vera alerts had been able to send the motion detections from outside.

It almost sounds as if I would get some improvement by simply replacing my logging usb drive with the ssd drive without doing the exroot at this time. Is that true.

As noted I have the edge, will it be safe now to attempt to exroot my edge?

I would probably be willing to buy a vera plus if I didn’t think I would have to exclude every device from the edge and include it into the vera plus. It sounds like the edge backup would restore all of the functionality to the vera plus. Probably have to get a new PLEG license.

I am stunned at all of the work you all have put into this improvement and extremely grateful. If someone could just answer the questions about excluding/including to go to vera plus, and whether just replacing my current log stick with an ssd would provide some immediate help for my edge. I haven’t looked, is vera plus the latest model and what you would recommend?

I will have to study a little more to refresh my ssh skills. thanks everyone

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Do not extroot a VeraEdge! You will brick it.

What @korttoma said. Don’t do it… I haven’t recovered mine yet so I don’t know what went wrong with it on the edge.

You can backup your edge and restore it to a Vera Plus, I did that. You won’t have to exclude/include a single device, just remember to make a backup of the z-wave network as well.

Just by replacing your logging drive does not do any good.