Vera Edge with Schlage BE469NX & BE468

After a few tries I was able to get a BE469NX to pair with the VeraEdge. But I have been unable to pair the BE468. Every attempt ends in failure. I’ve tried adding it as a ‘generic’ device, as an ‘other zwave device’ and of course I tried the only Schlage listed under “Door Locks” - the model “SCH-TSBR-605C”.
I’ve also increased the debug log and tailed the /var/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log log but didn’t see anything indicating an error. (Don’t quite know what I’m looking for but nothing indicated there was an error condition during the time I attempted to add the lock.)

Over the course of the past week, I’ve probably repeated the attempt - varying the methods - I’m guessing 50 times. . . .

Any suggestions?

I second this. I can’t get my BE469 to pair with my VeraEdge. Comes back with the red x everytime.

Same here. Looks like I’m not doing anything wrong in the pairing process if so many others experience problems. (I’ve seen more discussions on this)

Every time I have added a lock (or had to reconfigure the zwave portion of one of the locks), I have had to move my Vera to a couple of feet away from the lock. I would suggest doing that if you haven’t tried that yet. Once you get the zwave configured, leave the Vera next to the lock for an hour because the lock and Vera “exchange security keys”. After an hour, you can move your Vera back to it’s regular location.

Yes due the security protocols, things like locks, you will need to take your vera and place it next to the lock for pairing. I’ve had them pair from a greater distance, but not correctly.
soo, if you are having problems, un-pair, move vera next to lock, re-pair.

I was holding my Vera an inch away from the lock several times. Still no luck.

I am having the same issue. keep getting a warning saying it couldn’t communicate or download keys usually a number 51 or 52. I moved it right next to it and used the sync but on the side of my edge and no luck. It just hangs on “Please wait! Getting secure classes”. Even though I got the red X on the unit.

I added one of these back on 7.0.12 (not but not on 7.0.17, no luck at all. Can’t get through to support it wont even let me hold for a representative. Programmed a couple codes manually in the mean time.

I emailed support so I expect to hear back sometime in the next 2-3 years.

Well i guess I will not be purchasing a Schlage BE469NX & BE468 is there any other door locks that work all the time and par easy?

I just installed 3 of these BE469NX with Vera Edge running 1.7.2139. They paired at a distance of 6’ with no problems. In fact, one of the easiest zwave devices I’ve configured!

I got it to work. I have a Vera Plus. Firmware 1.7.5186 (7.31).
I called Tech support and they said this lock is not supported.
I tried so many things, I am not positive what finally made it work.
I defaulted the lock a few times. I unpaired and paired the lock.
I was using the web GUI. The GUI would say it would fail but then it would really pair the lock and put it in “no room” Although, it has issues with the security keys.
I believe what finally worked was using the Iphone App. First, I kept the lock a few inches from Vera Plus. Second, I ignored what the app said as far as finished pairing. Finally, I kept the lock close for awhile until the security keys showed it worked. Sorry, that I didn’t keep step by step notes. I literally spent about 30 minutes trying. The bottom line is it does work. I love Vera, no other hub supports as many devices as the Vera does. Even with the old software.

I have the same issue. My scenes are nolonger working and I’m trying to figure it out. How did you get it back and working agin please? Thanks Much.

Hi @datakeepr,
You can try to restore a backup from a date when the scenes and system were working properly.
How to restore a backup: On the website, go to Settings > Backups > make sure to put a checkmark on Restore Z-Wave network before clicking the Restore button.
Give it a try and let us know how it goes.