Vera Edge UI7: Luup engine is taking longer to reload

For the last few days my Vera Edge UI7 is giving me the following message “Luup engine is taking longer to reload” and I can’t log in. The Vera Edge itself seems ok wil all the lights on except for the zwave light which is turned of.

I used the information available on the forum and logged with Putty, gave the recommended commands and Vera immediately starts to work. However, for some reason I can not understand, it then stops again (I haven’t been able to understand if there is a pattern or a reason).

Is there any way I can go and look into log files or some other way to check for a possible reason? This is becoming very annoying because I never know when my Vera will work or not.

I’m runnning Vera Edge (European edition) with the latest firmware (as of today): 1.7.1598

Thanks for your help!

Is this when accessing Vera remotely?

I too find it ridiculously slow.

My UI5 unit is performing OK…

Gregl, it happens both ways, when I connect at home using the internal IP address as well as when I try to login from Whenever the problem shows up, it stops working no matter how. The only way to solve it is accessing Vera using SSH and give the documented commands.

I don’t know yet what is the trigger for this situation. If I’m away from home for 3 days, it keeps running, but whenever I’m back for some reason, after a while it “breaks”. It looked to me that the problem was related to the iOS official Vera app, but even if thats the case, it does not break every time.

I would like to find the trigger for this. Does anyone have any clues where I can look for info?

I had this issue
I resolved my issue and had it confirmed by the support chap on the phone this is what he would have done for my issue:

The commands that I used once I logged in the the Edge by ssh were:

cd /etc/cmh
mv user_data.json.lzo user_data.json.lzo.bak
mv user_data.json.lzo.5 user_data.json.lzo

When I replaced the current user_data.json.lzo file with the oldest backup of this file and restarted cmh everything worked again.

Alpha1, that’s the way I fix it too. however, it shows up again usually within a day.

Aparently the problem lies someplace else because the “corruption” of the user_data.json.lzo file keeps happening for some reason I don’t know yet.

I was able to find a way to get to the log files.

Here is one thing that caught my eye (among many other lines that I’m not exactly sure if they are a problem or not)

012015-12-16 21:46:50 - LuaUPnP Terminated with Exit Code: 245
2015-12-16 21:46:50 - LuaUPnP crash
01 2015-12-16 21:46:50 caught signal 11 <0x77b4f320>

Anyone knows what this EXIT CODE: 245 means?

Id log a call for remote support. They were very good when i last used them



Can you fill out the form below and send us a trouble ticket ?

Be sure to include your Vera unit serial number and the tech support access code. You can enable it by going to Settings > Tech Support and then clicking on the Enable button at the bottom of the page.
We’ll look into it right away and get back to you shortly.


Thanks George! The email was sent with the requested information.
Hopefully this is an easy fix for you.

Is vera support still active?

when i try the above i get
can’t rename ‘user_data.json.lzo’: No space left on device


I’ve called and emailed support to no avail.
also remote will not enable.

i see /ezmi and /etc/cmh contain the same files. i assume they are the same files just in 2 different mount points. here’s the list … is there something specific i can delete?

did get in touch with support and we factory reset and restored and all is well.
i’m still concerned that these 2 are @ 98% though


Hello there,

I just sent you an email about this issue.


thanks. I got this above in an email be did not receive any other information. I replied with another email address to use. I don’t seem to get support emails at my normal email address.
I do get these community emails.

So he told me to add the switch once it was all up again and it’s back to
“Luup engine is taking longer to reload”

it’s support request (269189)

Hi there,

I replied to you in that support ticket.

I’ll be attentive.