Vera Edge Off Line

My Vera Edge has been off line for a while now. I am not at the location but had friends power it down and check lan connections also changed the lan port it is connected to to see if the problem follows but it does not. The lights not the controller seem to be good. Not sure what else it can be.

Is there is computer on the same network you can remote into to see if you can open the web UI of the Vera?

I will have to get someone there that can check as I am not local at this time. If they can get in off the local network is there anything they should be looking for or is that an indicator for a different problem

Thanks !

If they have experience with Vera, they can look around settings to see if anything is amiss.

Hi there,

Please log a ticket with our support team and make a reference to this topic for more details. Also, mention the SN number of your Vera controller. They should be able to help to get you back on track.

Thanks for the tip, did send them some info. The service led is blinking which indicates a cloud issue. Would you know if that is on my side or the vera server side.


It can mean both things. Hopefully the team will figure this out.