Vera Edge & Kwikset 910 Smartcode Lock Malfunction

I’ve been using the Vera Edge with 3 Kwikset 910 Z-wave door locks for years without any significant problem. In the last 2 months all 3 locks have started encountering the same problem:

I have a scene set to auto relock the doors after 30 minutes of being unlocked. When this scene executes, the lock(s) will go into an endless cycle/loop of locking and unlocking until the batteries die or I remove the battery pack. It makes no difference if the door is open or closed when the scene triggers. Removing the battery pack is the only way to stop this locking/unlocking loop.

Also, using the Android app or the web interface to remotely lock the Kwikset locks causes the exact same problem.

Using the Android app or the web interface to remotely unlock the Kwikset lock does not cause a problem

Using the physical turn knob to lock does not cause a problem.

Using the physical “Lock” button on the keypad to lock does not cause a problem.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Not sure but you could try adding a delay in the scene after you send the lock command and then do some token task (maybe turn on or off a light say 2 minutes later). Then see if the lock executes once or the same multi times. Wondering if the scene is getting called over and over somehow. Adding the delay may stop the rapid back to back execution.

Thanks for the quick reply. I don’t think the problem is with the scene because the same thing happens if I use the app or the web interface to lock the door. No scene is involved when doing that. It seems that it’s something to do with how Vera is sending the lock signal.

Try some fresh batteries? Maybe the lock is resetting itself since once motor starts, the battery voltage drops and resets lock.

Thanks…the locks are showing 40%, 90% and 100%. I wondering if the Vera unit may be end of life and if so, what the best replacement for a controller would be. Thanks again.

Hello @Fitz2510 ,

To better assist you, could you please enable remote support?

Mobile app:

• Open the Vera mobile app.
• Click on “Settings.”
• Click on “Tech support.”
• Click on “Enable” under the Remote access option.

We will be attentive to your response.


OK, remote access is enabled.

Thanks. I do see you have the auto-relock scenes disabled. Just to confirm:

Are all the possible mechanical/alignment issues discarded?
Are the doorknob holes deep enough?

Yes. The problem occurs whether the door is open or closed.

Thank you. We’ll try a custom code for the scene you are trying to implement.
I’ll also create a support ticket so we can follow up.

Thank you. The front door is usually open. Even when open, if I press the lock button on the app or web interface, the problem happens.