Vera Edge - Foscam F18918 - canundrum

I install the foscam plug-ins but my camera keeps installing and using the Apexis IP Camera plug in instead.

I did upgrade the drivers of my camera also and tried many different ways and options. It always grabs the Apexis IP Camera plug in.

I even turned of automatically discovery and it still grabs it.

I have a Foscam FI8905W camera and I manually setup the camera on the VeraEdge UI7 OK. However the Foscam at the moment keeps resetting itself to factory defaults for some reason? And the static IP address and other settings I configured on the camera are lost. The camera then picks up a DHCP IP address from the router instead.

But Vera keeps on automatically installing the “Apexis IP Camera” plugin app when this happens and it then appears as a VistaCam. I am wondering if Vera itself is causing the Foscam to reset all the time somehow? As I never had this problem before with the Foscam resetting and back when I was using a VeraLite UI5.

@herbertsherbert where do you turn off automatic discovery for cameras?