Vera edge available space changes?

Perhaps someone in the community can shed some light on a particular situation I have found myself in.

Recently I was looking inside my vera edge. Looking at the web service specifically.

I copied my ‘www’ folder over to my computer and was working on a new css theme.

All I did was change some color values to start. All my files where minified to save space.

When I went to put the files over into my vera edge it ran out of space.

How is this possible when the amount of space removed was exactly the same amount that was going to be out back?

Hi chef,

Many of the firmware are actually logical links to the actual files on the /rom read only partition. If you then replace those links with actual files you can fill up the partitions that way.

Cheers Rene


In case of /www are links from /mios which is a SquashFS (compressed read-only file system).

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Excellent. Thanks for the info.

I did notice that the mios folder seems to be the actual host file.

I was able to upload and theme the local version of the web app. It is very cool.

I added couple css variables I felt were missing from UI7, and some neumorphic stylings

However, now my browser console is saying it can’t read
And therefore it cant access my network information.

That file hasn’t been altered and still exists where it should.
Any ideas on that one?

Everything is still working fine minus access to the network configuration page, and an annoyingly large console log.

I’m not concerned yet about my medling.

If I wanted to properly compress these file again, is there an application anyone can suggest?

Also, any idea how to link the file again properly from the external-libs JavaScript?