Vera Edge and Schlage Connect Lock Problems

My Schlage lock has stopped reliably working through the both the HomeWave app and the Vera app. The status is often wrong showing no status or unlocked when it’s locked. Even when I can use the app to unlock and lock the lock, there is a delay of several seconds before the status changes. It used to update status almost immediately.
I tried restarting the Vera Edge.
I’m not sure if it’s a Vera Edge problem or if the lock is going bad and needs replacement,. The lock batteries were changed just a few months ago and are not showing that they are anywhere near needing replacement again.
I see errors saying cannot send command to node or polling errors even when I see the lock successfully controlled through the app.
What is the expected lifespan on the Vera Edge and the Schlage lock?
They are both from around 2016.


Well… You can always try to just repair the device with the Vera Edge (Unpair & pair) I will also recommend you to factory reset the Lock if possible.

Have a bunch of these on Vera plus and Vera Secure. The have operated flawlessly for years but once I had one go bad and needed to replace.

These security devices are very finicky. To pair or unpair, you need to have the lock within 3 ft of the Vera. Only way it will have a chance to work. Disconnect battery pack, remove lock from door, position next to Vera, reconnect battery pack and then try to unpair. If it works, power cycle the lock (a full minute) again, make sure you have the original default access codes and then perform factory default sequence. Power cycle again 1 min, then attempt a pair. Usually works for me.