Vera does not realize that firmware is not latest version

I have a brand new (rxd only 2 days ago) VERA2 ver1.1.1047

There are some funky issues that i have been experiencing such as setting time of system.

So i looked to see if i was running current release of firmware.

It seems there is a newer version of firmware 1.1.1062 (as this newere version is running on another older VERA i am using) from

However, my new VERA tells me (in the advance>firmware page) that the 1.1.1047 is the latest version as seen on, and does not try to upgrade

How can i get my new VERA to force the upgrade of the new 1.1.1062 without using the flash software and without losing my current configuration?

PS: one primary difference between, other than device configuration, is that my new vera (with old firmware) and old vera (with new firmware) is that the new vera is using the Wireless for WAN, and the old Vera is using the ETH1 as WAN.



I have the same issue and mine is connected through ETH1. So, the problem is not related to the way to connect to internet.

I believe 1062 is a development firmware created to address specific issues for a select group of users having issue with 1047. 1047 to my understanding is the latest ‘Beta’ release to the general population and it is still classed as Beta but many are using it.