Vera control (sync/update) of Aspire Scene Controllers

I am working on my next project which will be the front entry. One of the things I would like to do is have an Aspire scene controller at a few locations for whole house scene, such as away, home, night, sleep, etc. The scenes would be selectable at the switch but I would like for Vera to be able to update the scene on each of the controllers.

So for example, in the morning, we leave for work and I arm the alarm system and close the door, I could have Vera change the house scene to Away and trigger my lights, HVAC, AV and door locks accordingly. But Vera should also change the scene controllers so that the Away button is lit and the other buttons are off.

Or say I am home and I hit the sleep button, Vera would then operate my sleep scene (lights, HVAC, AV, door locks, etc) and change the status of each scene selector switch to light the Sleep button.

I am not sure if this is doable and would appreciate any input as I plan the next stage of my project.