Vera control of Pool/Spa - Goldline Controls

I just bought Vera to start my Home Automation. Out of the box I couldn’t even register so I need to resolve that first. I intent to pair first with Schlage Link and a light control. Building confidence, then use it for A/C thermostat control. Next camera. I’ve read the posts and it looks like all this is possible. After that I have an ambition to interface it to my pool/spa control and this is what this post is about. I’m also searching for Z-wave thermostats for Evaporative (Swamp) coolers.

I have a Hayward, Gold Line Contol, for a AQL-PS-4 controller. I have the optional RF wireless handheld unit; AQL-SS-RF. Here are my questions …

  1. Has anyone successfully interfaced these with Vera?
  2. If I do it I have two choices (a) buy both a Gold line “Home Interface Control Module” to provide a RS 232 interface to a Leviton RS 232 to Z wave controller and then do the “programming” in Vera to send/iterpret machine code commands OR wait for a Z wave controller that mimcs the existing RF wireless handheld (AQL-SS-RF) and program that.

Seems that option A is frought with lots of potential issues while B may not be available yet. For option B to be possible I’d have to find a Z-wave device that can “Learn” what the signals are from the existing RF wireless handheld (AQL-SS-RF) and then be compatible with Vera’s user interface.

Any experience out there? Lessons Learned? Leads?

Hey there,
I have been hacking away at managing pools/spas with Z-wave for a couple of years now. The closest I have come is using Intermatic CA3750’s to handle the large loads and then using a Leviton remote to control the features and hope the remote stays dry. The Intermatic units are discontinued and while Wayne Dalton picked up their line, I do not believe they intend to continue producing a 220v switch. Which leads me to Leviton, who makes a 220v switch. I plan to test those out.

Your route is exactly where I didn’t want to go so I can’t help you there. Intermatic still intends to produce their I-Wave (PE950/PE650) solution which is like Goldline or Jandy’s control units. However, the I-Wave uses a z-wave chip in the antenna and waterproof remote. I would LOVE to find a way to make these components work with Vera since the zensys technology is already involved.

If anyone knows how to get the PE units to work with Vera PLEASE let me know. I’d be I’ll over that!

But to reply to the above, I do not like the idea of layering RS232 to Z-wave solutions when their is potentially a shorter method available.

Great ideas - I still need help doing this. If anyone has a simple way to do this I’m sure there would be interest.

I researched some of the ideas.

  1. Wiring switches to the pool controls. This allows for basic on-off of the individually selected pool switches. The discontinued Intermatic CA3750 220v switch “Contractor Module” looks like a nice solution. I called Leviton Technical support and they claim that they don’t make a Z wave compatible 220v switch or module either - they do have a VRS 15, 120v/15A single switch. Wayne Dalton Z-wave wireless switches look like a single switches too (300W Dimmer (2-way only) HA06C). It looks like this is possible, but perhaps not that elegant since the switches need an enclosure and wiring may be exposed requiring conduit, etc., etc…

  2. Wiring switch to the pool controls and having advanced features. Need to do the above and the following creating drawbacks. Additional wiring and controls may be need for things like the heater cool down. For example, if the Intermetic PE950/PE650 requires a P1353ME to also be installed to allow cool down mode on my Hayward / Goldline system. If one wants to remotely monitor the pool temp then you need a Intermatic water temperature sensor PA122. In a pool/spa application, a Valve/Pump Mechanism (P4243ME) can be installed to automatically control the motorized diverter valves, and enable both the pool and spa water temperature set points on the handheld transceiver (PE950).

If I have any of the above screwed up (I am a newbie to Vera AND pool controls), please post the best way to do this. Also, if there is another forum (e.g., wiki to share wiring diagrams, parts lists, programming steps) please post and point to it. I’d be grateful.

I have a Tech call into Intermetic to see if there is an easier way to do all this and if the PE950/PE650 really is Z wave compatible ( and how, plus where documented).

  1. My original post talked about adding a “Home Automation” unit to my pool controller (about $180) and adding a Z-wave/RS 232 controller (about $120) and then programing it. Disadvantages include getting these to work together, programming across (not trivial), but avoiding excessive wiring and other additional pool interface controllers. I figured out the programming, but it will be a pain to do it. I had to re-learn message formats, hex-bit conversion, and how to calculate checksums. I put together an excel spreadsheet to identify the “scene” using english commands (like warm up spa), the series of swith computer commands to make the scene happen and resultant message formats that would need to be transmitted from Vera to the controller. Of course all this is theory right now so getting it to work should prove challenging. If any one has used Vera this way, please post how it went.

  2. If something like this exists it would be, by far, the easiest. Is there a device that can learn RF codes from an existing RF controller (like my existing Goldline RF controller), assign them, and then interface using Z-wave? I couldn’t find anything like that. This would be simple then to use.

Any other ideas for how to do this?

The New I wave will be Zwave compliant. It’s due out soon. The exisitng prabable could be worked with Vera sine Vera is more open.
So Intermatic will be back in Zwave.


when you say it is due out soon, do you happen to know what kind of time frame that is supposed to be?

The current I-wave units can be added to Vera. The problem (as I understand) is that Vera doesn’t know what to do with it yet until some programming helps maps its functions. I would imagine the same issue would apply to a newer I-wave unless they are planning to add z-wave chips for each switch.

remote owner,

As for your number 2, I was meaning that you would use the entire I-wave solution from Intermatic and not just add the PE devices to Goldline equipment. The I-wave works great by itself. The remote and antenna can be added to Vera but there seems to be the need for some programming support to see if this can actually be controlled by Vera.

and, oops, you are right about the Leviton switch. I was looking at a 220v model that is in their DHC line, not the RF+ line.

Intermatic is claiming the new I wave to be Zwave compliant . They told due out in fall. The older stuff will not work except with their controller. THat is unless MCV or someone chooses to implement the unique Zwave code for the older I wave.
The guy said it was possible to do and that He belives developers are welcome to get involved.

There is the ZRF113 Module: this is isolated contact module that is 20 amp and will handle 1 hp max and up 277V. There is also the ZRW113 Switch: which is a 20 amp relay switch that will 1 hp max and up to 277V.

Thanks for that info, great stuff! That would work well for some of my purposes. However I do not think they will work for heat pumps because they require 50 or more amps unless there is another way to wire for that.

with a heat pump you are not turning on/off the 50 amp load are you. There is usally a thermostat or other low voltage control in the circuit. This would be news to me. The ZRF is a isolated relay module. It can operate any voltage load up to 250v I believe. A

ideally I would just want to run the heat pump against thermostat controls. However, I have not found a way using z-wave to control heater so that it is “disabled” when you do not want it to run or even to control the temperature set points using z-wave. So the only other way would be to “disable” the breaker. But if someone has a way to handle this remotely, please let me know.

I’m wondering if it would be possiible for you to use the QEES Circuit Breaker 16A for this application:

[quote=“mcoulter, post:10, topic:164788”]zmistro,
ideally I would just want to run the heat pump against thermostat controls. However, I have not found a way using z-wave to control heater so that it is “disabled” when you do not want it to run or even to control the temperature set points using z-wave. So the only other way would be to “disable” the breaker. But if someone has a way to handle this remotely, please let me know.[/quote]

I am a bit confused. How is it that you control your heat pump currently with out Zwave. You use a standard thermostat with heat pump control correct?

Currently I enable and disable the heater with a CA3750. Then I let the heat pumps internal thermostat manage the preset cutoff points (one for Pool and one for Spa).

I also use another series of switching that works in tandem with the actuators that flip the system from Pool mode to Spa mode.

So when the heat isn’t wanted in the summer time, the power is disabled altogether via the CA3750.

I would rather run the temperatures from a z-wave thermostat but I do not think that any of them allow set points above 99 degrees although I know they can register temperatures higher than that.

I am not aware of the methods that others are using for this type of solution but I am more than eager to hear about any easier ways.

Now I get it Heat pump for the spa/pool. Never heard of that. Seem a very expensive way to heat the pool.

You still should be able to use the low voltage control of the heatpump to contol the temp. and also be controlled by Zwave with a relay.

A few follow-up items from my previous posts.

According to the Intermatic Customer Support Team “the PE950 and 650 will not link to other zwave units. We are work on an new unit which will however it will not be available until later this year.”

I was looking through many of the other strings and excellent posts and was somewhat inspired by the idea that Z-wave technology is being developed to control RF Emitters. This is what I was wondering about in the pool control option where I can use a Z wave controlled IR emitter to mimic my already existing AQL-SS-RF remote controller. Any ideas about that?

I have a few more ideas …

  1. What about interfacing directly with the handheld ACQ-SS-RF remote where the zwave interface would only be needed to mimic the switches being pressed?

  2. Since Goldline is developing it’s own internet based controls (to also be “released soon”) it may/may not be Zwave compliant and determining how those controls work may also yield an opportunity. The Goldline system is intended to be subscription based like the Schlage link, so there would be incentive to work around the custom interface.

User thewizardofoz just posted this in another thread, and it’s very applicable… I assume this is the RS-232 option referenced above?

[quote=“thewizardofoz”]Check out this Hayward Link about the AQCO Serial[/quote]