Vera Concierge not detecting Alarm partition with GE Concord plugin

Hi Richard,

I am using GE Concord Plugin “GE Concord Alarm Panels” via USB Serial adapter to connect to my Concord 4 panel. VeraPlus controller can control all the functionalities like Arming / Disarming using scenes within the Vera UI7.

But in Vera Concierge service, I don’t see the Alarm partition under “Security (Alarm/Lock)” tab. Can you please help me how I can get my Alarm partition added to Vera Concierge so that I can use Google Home to Arm / Disarm my home?

I also have the concord 4. Mine does not show up in VC. I believe this is by design at the moment. The devices connected to the panel do appear.

For me, I use scenes to control the panel. These do work in VC.

Hopefully RTS chimes in. IF the panel is supposed to be listed in the Alarm/Lock section I probably won’t get much out of it given the scenes I have set up but it would be nice.

Please email me your Vera Serial numbers… reference alarm issue … I will look in the server logs.

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Hi Richard,

Just sent my Vera Serial number to your Email. We will wait for your update. Thanks.

Very interested as I’m about to fire-up my SuperBus 2000 with our Concord 4 . . .