Vera Concierge not available in Google Home App

I installed a vera consierge server on a raspberry pi.
Connection to vera and google home is working.
I have successfull bidirectional connection to vera.
There is also a connection to Google Home. In the Server configuration the Google Home is listed and Text to speech is working.

But when I open the Google Home App → Home Controll → +
I do not have Vera Concierge Listed as a new device.

Google Home does not understand the command “talk to vera consierge”. In my Activity I saw that google did understand it.

How do I connect Google Home to Vera Consierge?

For myself, I had to select the stack of three lines in the upper left side of the app, select explore, type in vera concierge, link.

I think its a regional problem … :-[

see this topic:,52847.0.html

My son in law had a problem like this. He was on apple. He downloaded google home app but also had to download google assistant? Just throwing that out there.