vera concierge account not linked to my google account

Can anyone direct me to where I can link my Concierge acct to my google acct?

My GH is telling me that theyre not linked and I cant find any reference to VC in the GH app on my phone

Many thanks

ok i found it however when I try to link the account the app greys out and then theres no activity/hangs the app

Did you find it by using the Explore option ? (Using the pancake stack menu ?)

Hi Richard.

I did not however I have since discontinued using VC as I was unable to control anything on my hub after about an hour. On further investigation I looked at the web UI on Vera and saw that every device was “polling node” continuously.

Once I deleted my Vera from VC the polling node stopped almost immediately.

Any Ideas?

For devices (Switches, Dimmers, Thermostats) that you want to make available for voice control (NOTE: you can ignore devices in the Customize settings) I poll the device every 15 minutes … not continuously.
This was required so I can get through the Google “Home Control” testing. They require to be able to detect when the device goes offline.
A poll is a quick action when you have a stable Z-Wave network. I test with over 100 Z-Wave devices.

If you have a Z-Wave node that is having problems … periodically poking (polling) it will slow your network. If you have a marginal node you should ignore it in Vera Concierge, and probably remove it from Vera, and replace it with a working node.

I am french and I tested VeraConcierge with Google Home on 8 Zwave switches and it works correctly with a voice recognition in French.
But I had to quickly uninstall VeraConcierge, because I was blocking the VeraPlus and I realized that VeraConcierge regularly polling about twenty devices (switches, sockets, thermostat) much of which had been excluded in my customization.
The blocking of the vera makes that if we launch a command, it is executed between 10 and 20 minutes after …
which is not really acceptable for a home automation system.
Do you have something planned to avoid these blockages from polling?
I want to put your application back into service on my home automation, because today it is the only one to interact with Vera.

On the other hand, I have a Synology and I would like to install VeraConcierge on Docker. Is there a procedure?

IT should not poll devices that are excluded in the Vera Concierge customization … is that how you excluded them ?

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I will add customization support to disable polling on devices … Google made me add the polling.

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To do my tests, I excluded all my devices except 8.
These test devices are 2 switches McoHome 4 channels, each channel corresponds to children of the device.
VeraConcierge triggers a polling every 15 minutes on 16 devices, I find the 2 devices corresponding to the 2 switches (parent).
But there are 14 more devices that I excluded that correspond to other switches (McoHome, NeoCoolCam, Swiinter), sockets (Fibaro, NeoCoolCam), a muliprise (GreenWave), Fibaro modules and a Thermostat(Remotec ZXT120 control ).
The problem is that these polls block the Vera, and if you make a command at that time, the command does not run immediately, but with a delay that can be too long.
Which makes my home automation not functional.
To be certain that the harm came from VeraConcierge, I uninstall VeraConcierge and I let turn 24:00, I found that my home automation was perfectly functional.
I reinstalled VeraConcierge on my Windows 10 computer, I excluded all devices except the 8 above.
I see that VeraConcierge triggers polling every 15 minutes on the same 16 devices.
I left VeraConcierge on duty and I allow you to watch my configuration.

+1 for a way to disable polling.
I too have been having issues with vera not responding any more. Uninstalling VC and reinstalling (different version) seem to have made a difference, vera is suddenly responding again.

I updated the latest version 2.023.
I removed the Polling.
Since I no longer have a blockage on my VeraPlus.
For now I control 8 switches via Google Home and VeraConcierge.
I will extend my tests to the controls of the shutters.
Thank you Richard.