Vera bricked after RFID plugin install ?

Hi !

I wanted to try the RFID plugin this morning. But after the files upload and save of the new receiver device (no transmitter, i had "Server busy for 30 min, so i rebooted the Vera), my Vera seems bricked. The led power is stable, but all other led are off. I can connect to Vera with SSH, and i deleted the RFID files. But i have always the problem :frowning:
If i try connect the UI, i have server busy, and a message that says no response. Do you have ideas, or must i flash the firmware with ??

Sorry, i missed this post. If you have issues with the RFID plugin, please post on the ActiveRFID thread in the luup and development section.
Anyway, I’ve never had this issue with installing/uninstalling the plugin. Is it still persisting? What version of the UI are you running? When you ssh into it, did you check the logs? Did you have the RFID receiver plugged in?
Any and all info you can provide would be helpful in duplicating the problem and fixing it.

And hey, you don’t have to delete the files. If you delete the device, the files should be harmless.

Hi !

Maybe i have had an other problem on my Vera, because link with iVera was long since few days. I have restored all my Vera, and this link is now fast !

For the RFID plugin, before to make a new test:

  • there is 7 files to download, but on the wiki, you speak about 6 only. What about the D_ActiveRFID.json file ? Must i upload it with other ?
  • i don’t have Cliste Electronic product, but i have an other RFID receiver with Serial Port with 2 x 40m transmitters that worked well with Homeseer. Before to buy new material, i wanted to test with it. I have an Usb Serial converter, that seems compatible with the Vera (recognized as PL2303). Do you think that i can work ?

I haven’t updated the page since I made my recent updates. Ive been slammed at work. I’ll do it very soon. You need to download all 7 files. I haven’t tested anything on homeseer, or any hardware other than the cliste/cheaperrfid, but I know the homeseer plugin works with the cliste hardware, so it would stand to reason my plugin would work with your hardware if it works with the homeseer plugin. The receiver I have has an integrated pl2303 adapter so it sounds like you have the same hardware.
I don’t think my plugin caused your problem, so give it another try and let me know.