Vera backup files on server corrupted

My Vera lite has died, and i have replaced it with a Vera 3. Because of the holidays i have been a few days without controller. I am setting up my Vera 3 now. I am trying to restore from the backups of my Vera lite, but only 2 show up, both from 3 Jan, and both corrupt… they both have only 11kB. Are there more backups stored on the MCV servers which i cant see but could possibly still somehow access ?

Are you looking at what is listed in the UI for your new Vera 3

There is usually a regular back up done so unless you have taken any local back ups (which I often find are corrupt too) then you will likely need to log a call with MCV to access your previous veralite back ups.

I think (but might be wrong) back ups are done by device unit, not user, so that might be why you can’t see any if your other units back ups. (Assuming I have understood you correctly)

A support call sounds like your best option…