Vera ate my Zwave and cannot find backups?


Was adding a new Zwave device today and seemed to go fine. When it completed, I noticed things acting funny on the UI (UI6). After about 20 minutes where it just seemed wonky, I used the UI to reboot the unit.

When it came back, all my Zwave devices are gone. Argh!

After the initial shock, I decided to go into the Setup->Backup tab and pick one of the recent backups and restore. Problem is that anytime I click on any of the backup links, I get a blank web page with

ERROR:Storage file error

Any idea what this means? Is there some alternate way to access these? I believe they are all uploaded to the mios/vera mothership, so I’m hoping there is something up there or an alternate way to find it or I’m in a mess of trouble.

Any thoughts/pointers/suggestions about accessing those backup files would be deeply appreciated!


P.S. I do have a backup on my local computer, but it’s 6+ months old

@gduprey Fill out a tech support ticket. As long as you didn’t disable it your Vera controller gets backed up to our servers automatically. If you can’t retrieve it yourself Technical Support can get you sorted.

Thanks Marc! I actually had opened a ticket right when I posted this. I’ll keep my fingers crossed I hear back soon :wink:


I would also suggest you get in the habit of making local backups as well.

Agreed on local backups. I have done them periodically, but not often enough and I what I have is out of date.

For those interested, my new backup script looks like this:


# Setup environment
. /etc/profile >/dev/null 2>&1

# Go to Vera backups directory
cd /home/backups/vera

# Create a date-specific backup name
export BACKUP_NAME=vera_`date +%Y%m%d`.tgz

# Backup ZWave dongle to Vera (this is async and takes time to complete)
wget -O /dev/null "http://<veraIP>:3480/data_request?id=action&DeviceNum=1&serviceId=urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1&action=BackupDongle&Restore="

# Wait for Zwave backup to complete (actual time depends on # of zwave devices -- do the timing and adjust)
sleep 60

# Backup Vera (whcih will now include ZWave backup)
/usr/bin/wget -O "${BACKUP_NAME}" http://<veraIP>/cgi-bin/cmh/
exit 0

The script is for Linux based systems. There is a ‘wget’ command available for windows and using it, it should be pretty easy to adapt the above for a windows command script as well.

Just change the to the IP address of your vera/veralite and add the script to a crontab entry. I backup everyday at 2AM.

The sleep time should be adjusted if you have a lot of ZWave devices. You can figure rough time by using the “Backup Zwave” button onb the UI/Backup tab and timing how long it takes to complete. Add in an extra 10-15 seconds as a safety.


Instructions unclear. Windows on fire!

Huh? Are you saying my problem (can’t download backups from MIOS) is unclear or the script for doing backup? Not sure what the “Windows on fire” part means.

The script is a Linux script (there are plenty of examples of using Windows wget and such that could be pretty easily adapted).

It was a joke about using a Bash script on a Windows machine.

Got it! :smiley:

@gduprey I just flagged your support ticket and asked our Tech Support Manager to have someone get with you right away.

Thanks – I hope they’ll respond soon. I did send some follow up email, but so far, no response.

If I dont hear back by the weekend, I’m going to have to re-start from scratch and honestly that isn’t going to be a good thing for me.

I really, really hope there is a simple way for someone to access the remote backups for the last few days.

Thanks again for any help you can provide!


@gduprey I escalated your support ticket, you will hear from Technical Support right away.


Wanted to let folks know that thanks to the Vera folks for helping out and getting me the last good backup, I’m back in business. And thanks to the above script, I now have a full backup w/Zwave stored for every day on my local server now.

Thanks again Marc and Chris for your help! Very, very much appreciated!