Vera as Print Server?

Since Vera has a usb port. Is it possible to install an Optware to make it as a print server as well?

The package of choice for Linux print serving is CUPS. A quick search of “openwrt cups” suggests that it’s too big to fit onto the flash in a Vera.

It’s probably doable with lots of contortions, but you’d have to weigh the effort against the cost of a stock device like an Airport Express, which does this natively.

While I love to hack and mod, I tend to leave vera alone. Vera it finicky enough without upsetting her ;D

Yes I realize that there are always exceptions and good reasons to this, but in general I leave my tweaks and mods to one of my other routers/switches, that way if I break something, its not affecting my home automation as well.

Aww… I hope the next Vera will be based on ASUS RT-N16.
128MB RAM + 32MB Flash Vs (current) 16MB RAM + 4MB Flash.
Now that’s plenty of ram to add Optwares ;D