Vera App and bluetooth car kit

I’ve noticed for a while that sometimes when I get into my car, my cars bluetooth decided that I’m in a call already and switches to my phone’s audio, as if I’m in a call. Took a while to figure this out, but I pinned this down to the Vera App being active on my phone (iPhone 12, iOS and Vera App up to date).

I have to ‘kill’ the Vera App as a background app, which at that same time ends the call on my car and hands me back my Car Radio sound.

As far as I can figure out, the audio feed in the Vera App might be originating from the Vistacam 1203 that I have on my dashboard in the app.

This issue is still present, tried 3 cars so far. I cannot have the Vera app (connected to my Ezlo hub) in the background, with a doorbell as part of the setup. If the App is still somewhere in the background, it will present itself to my cars as an active phone call, suppressing radio or other audio streams.

Come on guys, get this fixed please, as it’s really another reason why the platform cannot be used as a mature platform.