Vera and Z-wave ready for prime time?

Is anyone making a business out of setting up Vera and the z-wave technology into homes and offices? Is this ready to commercially install?

I’m thinking about starting a small business selling and installing Vera.

Anyone doing it yet? Any advice?

Hi, I’m also want to start a small business based on vera+zwave. I posted some time ago:

As you can see, most of the complains are related to the reliability of Vera. I hope this new release solve all of these.

I had been testing Vera for a couple of months and I see a lot of potential, however, in my short experience I have see some drawbacks (at least for me and my potential market):

  • Interface could be confusing. Devices and scenes setup.
  • Interface is only in English. I live in Colombia, so the Spanish is a requirement. I could solve this creating a new or a translated version of a plugin. I’m assessing if it worth to do it.
  • MCV Support is in English. Again, language is a problem. I would have to attend all the support directly.

Despite these problems, I really think Vera and zwave could be a very good (and cool :slight_smile: ) business.

@mcardenas - That’s kind of depressing. I read the thread you started and there is a lot of negativity towards using Vera. I personally have had no problems with my current setup, which includes 5x GE on/off switches, a few dimmers, and thermostat control.

I would really like to know what people are experiencing to substantiate their negativity.

If you read the posts from 2008-2010, you will find a long, long list of issues with Vera. Some of that experience colors the tone of many of us who’ve been banging away at Vera for a while… I know I am quick to blame any issue on her (It’s snowing again. Damn you Vera!! :slight_smile: )

BUT Micasa has made a ton of progress since then. The last 2 releases have been real Champs, and I spend almost zero time having to even touch it anymore (unless I want to). And that’s how appliances, digital or otherwise, should work. Keep it goin’ folks!

With HA becoming hot again, I have been hoping MCV would announce additional funding so they could get to where they wanted more quickly.

In the meantime, this forum has been a real User Community pitching in to lend a hand.


I think you could see the glass half full instead of half empty. If you read the comments you will find that very few of them announces people living Vera for good. All this community (and it’s pretty big) find in Vera a lot of potential. As Anthonyris says, the last firmware release is pretty stable and solves a lot of the know issues.

I would say that the strategy for market Vera is not offer it as a controller for all Z-Wave devices. Instead, just offer the devices that are very well know that works 100% with Vera. You can expand the portfolio as MCV fine tune the new devices.