Vera and Wayne Dalton thermostat

Is anyone controlling the Wayne Dalton Z-wave thermostat with Vera? I have one on order, but wonder if anyone has experience to report. It is considerably cheaper than others (~$100) and I’m wondering if there’s “a catch.”

All I remember is that I think it’s a 5-wire setup. So as long as ur set up for that then should be no problems

If it doesn’t work let us know and we’ll add support for it. We haven’t tested it, but if it uses the standard thermostat class it should be ok.

Thanks. I received the thermostat today–it looks like it can be installed in multiple wire configurations (including 4) and it appears that it uses a standard thermostat configuration.

Unfortunately my Vera went to our old address (due to a Google checkout error) but has been forwarded and is on the way. I’m hoping to install the thermostat this weekend and will post feedback.

Did you get it up and running yet? My WDTC-20’s are due to be here on Monday. Now I just need my Vera to arrive next weekend and I can have some fun installing everything.

This is relevant to the announcement about the new firmware:

If you get the thermostat and it doesn’t work, please let us know.


Just tried my new Wayne Dalton WDTC-20 Thermostat.
Vera does not detect it as a Thermostat but a light switch.
Here is a screenshot of the device advanced screen

I had the same thing happen to me at first but you need to just tap the bind button on the tsat or it will go into binary mode.

Thanks wseverino, now it shows up as a standard thermostat. :slight_smile:

No Problem!


I just received my vera and am really excited about setting it up. Bought many switches and two wayne dalton thermostats (same model as in this post). The issue i am having is that all devices i have added show up, however, they are not responsive to the commands from the web interface. I keep getting the red gear beside each device (job failed on the roll over) and “Aborted: Transmit failed with code : 1”.

What am i missing?


I just talked to Rafael. It seems he has one defective Intermatic module, and the thermostat was out of range. He’s adding more nodes to try to add more relays.

Anyone using the Wayne Dalton Thermostat effectively in a heating/cooling scene?

If so could you post your settings and/or a screenshot.

I just use the standard configuration that vera set-up then use scenes to control the temperature.

is anyone noticing that when you set temp to say 74 it sets the thermostat to 73 not 74 ?
Same thing happens if you set a timer in a scene.
It also seems to change both cool and heat setpoints at the same time…!

So this is my setup below. I have the Summer Coming Home timer that come on weekdays @ 5 pm and then the Hot House Event where the temperature is above 78 degrees F. I then set the thermostat to 68 and cool and leave it at 68. Is this adequate?

[quote=“zmistro, post:15, topic:164067”]is anyone noticing that when you set temp to say 74 it sets the thermostat to 73 not 74 ?
Same thing happens if you set a timer in a scene.
It also seems to change both cool and heat setpoints at the same time…![/quote]

Yeah I noticed that tonight! Has to be a a bug.

Gee I was thinking I was alone on this.
Not a really big deal , Of course it needs to be fixed…

The 73 instead of 74" it’s caused because the temperature it’s stored in Celsiuc degrees in the json file, and it’s converted to be shown on the UI, and at the conversion it can loose/gain 1 degree.
The Heat/Cool Set Point are set to the same value because your thermostat doesn’t support two types of set points. The same for the Auto function, some thermostat doesn’t support it.

That’s intersesting because I have every flavor of Zwave thermostat and only with vera does it have a problem stating the wrong temperature.

Aslo only with vera does the temp get adjusted for both heat/cool at the same time when only a heat command is sent. Oh and I just confirmed this with the Hawking HRPro. If you set a heat temp that is stored seperatley from the Cool. If you set cool it is seperate from the heat. If you switch from heat to cool the thermostat will be set at the last cool set not the last heat set like with vera

I’d say there is a bug in the program!

I have the following stats :
ACT HomePro older T-stat
Wayne Dalton

I have used the following products
no problem with them as to this issue.