Vera and NETATMO THERMOSTAT and more

First of all hi!! :slight_smile:

I am very new and I know that this question most probably has been asked a million of times, but… well… it has not been clearly stated into a faq or sticky post or something else, so I dare to ask (again):

Actually (as of february 2016) is there a reliable plugin or way to interface and control also the Netatmo Thermostat?? I already know there are plugins for weather station, but it is not clear if there are any (working) for the thermostat…

Lastly: I would like to set up a smalll system, primarly for controlling heating and for security and hazard-control: such as some cameras and/or presence detectors, the Netatmo things (both station and thermostat), a flooding sensor, a smoke/gas sensor, and maybe some few other things as well, but not many, no outside, no garage doors or locks and such things…

Am I in the right place?

It seems maybe I am out of topic or simply this is not the right place…

Anyway I have “found” something… maybe it is all well known to everyone, but…


Yes, that’s the right place to see Netatmo’s API documentation. I have seen others ask about a plugin for the thermostat, but I don’t think anyone has written one.

I wrote the Netatmo weather station plugin, which has some stuff which would be useful (a Lua module for the API, for a start), but I have no need of thermostats and, in fact, Vera’s implementation is quite tricky, having changed a few things significantly between UI5 and UI7.

It would not be a trivial piece of work.

Hi, thanks!

So it seems it is not so “easy”… well… actually I thought so, the only affordable domotic system which seems to support both the thermostat and the weather station it is Fibaro…

But it seems Fibaro has its own drawbacks… so I am again in the middle of nowhere…

Since U have been so kind to answer… which system would U advise for an use like the one I would like to implement (single apartment, no outside, no locks, only netatmo products for heating, mitsubishi air conditioners, some cameras and sensors for security and smoke/co2 and flooding sensors for added safeguard)??

Many thanks in advance for any tips U could provide!!!


I’m no expert on other HA systems, but there’s plenty to read about them on this and other forums. It seems, pretty much, that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Veras is very close to what would work, but in general note also that most people would use a proper security alarm system to handle that side of things and just interface it with Vera. The sensors and alarms are so much more reliable. The same is true for cameras, if you have more than one or two then many opt to use the Blue Iris system to handle them.

Depending on how much effort you’re prepared to put in yourself, you might look at OpenHAB, which is an open source system, written in Java, with a huge number of links to other bits and pieces like Netatmo. You could then choose what platform to run that on. Many opt for fanless, solid state drive, low power, Linux-based systems.


many thanks again for Ur wise insights!

I think I will consider for a while the scenarios… after all I just need some “home integration” and not complex domotics… The building in which my apartment is located has a complete surveillance system for the exterior, plus many security doors and nigh security guards… (yes, I know, the residents are a bit… let’s say “cautious” :wink: ) So basically I need a sturdy door, with at least two god locks (multi point) and just some added internal security more for general control “hazard prevention” than actual first-line security… I forgot to say I am on sixth floor…

I think I will probably leave the netatmo to fend for himself and I will create a small group of sensors and cameras to manage the rest… I think I will integrate them with Vera.

Last question: I am in Italy, is advisable to purchase now a Vera Edge (I can find it relatively cheaply, new) or it is better to wait for the plus version?? Right now I can only try to preorder it internationally and it would cost me more than the double to get it here, if possible in a reasonable amount of time…

Again many thanks!


Unless you need the added radios that the Plus has, then I would go for what is available. Vera has an absolutely dire record for delivering new products on time, so you really don’t know how long you might need to wait.

I made a brief attempt at asking for news in the appropriate thread regarding the “Vera Plus”, since it is written “sent EU versions to EU warehouse”… who knows… :wink:

Again, many thanks!


We’ve just had a netatmo installed with our new ashp, and you can install a new device in Vera, which is the thermostat, so doesn’t look like there is a need for a plugin.

I’ll update again, once I’ve got it setup and working.