Vera and Keene IR over IP

I’m looking for a combination of IR repeater and IR transmitter connected to the Vera. I would like to start a scene with a normal IR remote, but also transmit IR from my vera. If I understand correctly this is not possible with the SQblaster, or iTach (gc100).

Has somebody tried to connect IRAnywhere to the Vera?


These devices look good, did you hear anything back?

There is some software to generate the IR codes you need, so it would be interesting if Vera can be set up to send those codes to these devices.

Could be a good little add on - perhaps the KiRA128 is better, but nice, just needs someone far more technical than me to build an integration.

I found this page online and used Google Translate.

It seems the Kira works well, and after you have set up the web interface and aligned commands to those web buttons you can then call them via Vera.


return true

I would love to know how the raw IR strings can be sent if you use the device in a target/receiver set up.

Keene also post their APIs for the KiRA device too.

Can anyone help me create a piece of Luup code that would send certain IR signals to a KIRA module set up as

Not being a programmer this a whole new world to me, but it looks like IR commands need to be sent in a ASCII format.

To follow my progress of integrating the KIRA into Vera - simply go here,10886.0.html

(It sounds so romantic doesn’t it ;))