Vera and Ip Cams on My Boat

I would like to install a vera and some IP cameras on My boat and Maybe some water sensors eventually so that I can remotely Monitor. My boat has shore Power when I am not using it, I am going to Provide a Network Connection through a Turbo Hub through my Cell Service Provider. I was wondering how much data I should look at purchasing? Does anyone have any idea the amount of data that will be used by the Vera and to remotely Monitor 5 to 10 IP Cameras?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated…

If you’re going to be watching them all the time, then it’s possible that it could use a ton of data.

The cameras don’t really transmit if they don’t have anywhere to transmit to. I have a Foscam IP camera watching my driveway, and I get emails when it senses motion. Those emails generally run ~600kb per 3 image series. (HD images). Lower quality images run about 75-90kb per. If you’re watching them 24/7, though, the data bills are going to get pretty spendy.

The emails that are sent for alerts don’t amount to much without a photo attached. Is/will your data plan be one where you can select the amount of data on a month-to-month basis, so you can fine tune it?

If your boat has a steel hull and/or steel interior bulkheads you may run into trouble with connectivity. (Faraday cage effect) You coudl wire the camera’s but zwave water sensors may have trouble communicating as that’s wireless.

as said, if you monitor the cams 24/7 you are looking at a lot of data. But if you only have it send a couple of images if triggered, it will be far less.
Since you have shore power,you could have the camera’s record to an onboard NAS box or a laptop 24/7 so you can access them eg locally if needed.