Vera Alerts - Not working

I have Vera alerts and am just trying to do a basic email but can’t seem to do anything with it. It gives me no error or indication that my settings are not correct but fails to give me an email.

I have burned hours on this and it is getting very frustrating.

I caught my first problem. The template mislead me a bit

The username showed “” but like outlook it does not require “”.
The “To” cell should probably have this information shown instead.

That being said, I have it all working and get some process alerts, but not critical alarm trip information via Vera. I am perhaps missing something but the instructions don’t seem to be applicable for UI7.

I am wondering about one setting that catches my interest but gives me a brick warning when I attempt to change it.

In the advanced tab under control, it is currently set at Z-Wave although it seem that it be proper to be controlled via my main partition. I prefer not to brick my device and won’t be tinkering with this for now.

SMTP is very picky … There are a million ways to configure an SMTP server … On top of that there are two forms of secure SMTP … and the LUA library only supports one of them.

The settings template is setup for GMAIL … and yes you have to figure out the settings for every other SMTP server.
Looking at the log files is useful … I print any errors from the smtp server … they usually point you to the next thing to try.

You should NOT change anything in the ADVANCED tab of ANY device unless someone that is knowledgeable about that particular device tells you what to do … and you are foolish enough to trust them!

Thanks, My configurations do currently work. I can send test messages through the app and can get messages by selecting process notifications, internal alerts and debug. I just can’t get any useful alerts to pass through.

I have everything selected under Notification Configuration but don’t know what else needs to be done. I have spent a lot of time trying to use the documentation but it does not seem anything like UI7.

My hope was to use this for my higher alerts that would selectively run but am now instead trying to make dual accounts under Vera’s main GUI to either email or email-sms depending on the situation.

Did you select the:
“Notification Configuration” tab ?

On the Settings tab …
Did you select your User Name (Lower Left) and then associate it with a profile(s) (Lower Right) ?

That’s why I like to see the REPORT … it tells me if people have completed the setup!

I see the setting you are talking about but can’t find anything about associations. eg, right click etc.

picture attached, I do realize neither are selected in the example.

Also, I also don’t know how to generate the file you spoke of to check setup.

Just click the check box on the lower right side to associate a profile to the user selected on the lower left side!

Repeat for EACH user.

Thanks, I managed to find it when you told me there was something to be done there. It was not obvious to me and I did not catch it in the doc.

I need to trip my alarm to test this but my wee ones are sleeping. I will test tomorrow.

thanks again,

Works great, thanks for the help. It sync method seems obvious now but less so when one is struggling.