Vera Alerts no Alerts since Friday, test message still works fine (the only thing working)

Starting on Friday, Vera Alerts stopped working - no alerts sent - after working fine for at least four years.

  • The test message still works fine. It is the only thing working.
  • I’m using Vera Alerts mobile to Android clients - no VeraMate involved. There were 3 Android clients, all affected.
  • The events still show up in Users | Alerts
  • The Vera Alerts log file (Edit | Logs | Display Log) in the Vera Alerts interface does not show anything new when an alert should be fired - nothing new, no errors. It does show when I’ve sent a test message.
  • I uninstalled Vera Alerts on Vera, did full reboot, reinstalled Vera Alerts plugin, went to Edit screen multiple times, to no avail. No errors.
  • Vera Alerts 7.25, UI 1.7.5186 (7.31) on VeraPlus.
  • Have tried 2 full power cycle reboots.
  • Sending a Vera Alerts Alert via a Reactor activity DOES work.
  • I created a new test scene and put on a notification - Vera Alerts doesn’t see it, although it shows up in the native Alerts screen.

Not sure where to go from here. Help!

Fixed. Bad lua in unrelated scene killed Vera Alerts.

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