Vera Alerts Dead?

Anyone else having issues with Vera Alerts not working? I haven’t received a new alert on my local unit or on my phone since 9pm EST last night.

Getting normal alerts here.


Working here. I have VeraAlerts set to use Pushover and both mine and my wife’s phones both get notifications:

Standard VeraAlerts setup here, and have been getting notifications today,

Once in awhile this happens to me and I have to go into my Vera Alerts app on my phone and unregister and register. My alerts have been working as well.

Oh, I will mention this, in case this applies to you. When I switched from a Vera 3 to a Vera Plus, and I restored my Vera 3 backup to my Vera Plus, I had to buy another VeraAlerts license. It worked for a while when I first restored the backup, until I reached the free limit. Then the alerts just stopped. When I opened the UI, I saw the error, purchased a license, and all is well.

(In case someone wonders “why not transfer the license”, I would prefer to keep the Vera 3 as a backup to the Vera Plus and did not mind paying another $7 for an excellent product. Additionally, Richard has been very, very quiet on these forums lately so I did not want to wait to do a transfer in case it takes him weeks to respond, but that was a secondary concern).