Vera alerts causing devices to go offline

A couple months ago i switched to a vera plus from from a vera lite the vera lite would randomly error cannot write user data and turn off all my switches. When i switched to the vera plus i left out all unnecessary plugins vera alerts being one of them. When i knew it was stable i slowly added the plugins in making sure everything worked. I recently added vera alerts to my vera plus and as soon as i added vera alerts my linear garage door started going offline I unpaired and repaired still wouldn’t stay online but after i remove vera alerts and unpair and repair it it has not gone offline since so i think for some reason vera alerts was knocking it offline.

Does not seem logical to me that Vera Alerts would cause that as, if I understand correctly, your zwave device is going offline… seems like a zwave issue or an clsi problem with Vera showing devices offline that are actually fine.

try resetting the device status in to see if that fixes your issue…

return true

replace ### with the device number.