Vera Alerts Android app May 2019 updates broken

The Vera Alerts Android app was updated twice in the couple of days via PlayStore. The app force closes and the alerts are no longer customized. Even with the second update, the app will not launch. Strangely, the push notifications are still showing up, albeit with the default device sound. Please advise. Thanks.

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I was getting the same behavior on my Galaxy S8, until I tried removing and reinstalling the app - which didn’t help at all.

Before removing/reinstalling:

  • Vera Alerts notifications were arriving to the system tray, with default Android notification sound (instead of vibrate only as I’d specified in Vera Alerts settings - only some high-priority alerts were setup to make a tone)
  • if I attempt to open a vera alert from the tray, or to launch Vera Alerts, the app immediately force closes.

After removing/reinstalling:

  • not receiving notifications at all and it still force-closes. I think this is because the newly-installed app instance is not registered with GCM.

I’m at the point of trying to find prior versions via third-party APK download sites because this update has broken the entire app. I use vera alerts every day to know what is going on at my house, who is coming/going, etc.

The android app giving me issues is version 7.01. I don’t know what prior (working) version was installed previously but it would be nice to be able to revert. APK Pure has what seems like a very old version - 6.10 from July 2016.

I also realize the licensing cost for this app was not expensive at all for what it does, but it is disappointing to have a completely broken update pushed to production. I hope this can be resolved or reverted to a working version quickly.

7.05 was released and Vera Alerts launches now. Still buggy–when launching VA, an alert pops up for no reason but eventually goes away. The app still defaults to system notification tones. Since VA does not support the Android notification channels, so there is no way for me to customize the alert sounds.

I just uninstalled the old 6.10 version and installed from play store - 7.05 updated today. It is still force-closing immediately on galaxy s8. Going back to 6.10 for now…

Wonder what has changed regarding the android notifications. The app has never used the default sound until now. I prefer that everything vibrate (unless the phone is on silent) except for alerts that I customized to use tone 1 (mostly reserved for security system in alarm). The use of the default notification sound is unfortunate…

Same issue here … very annoying . Hopefully It can be solved very soon . I am also installing 6.10 in the meanwhile.


Looks like the 7.05 is working for me, just a little buggy as described. Where are you guys getting your VA 6.10? I see a few sources for download, no idea which ones can be trusted?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

@ ShwanlnFL:

Not for me , All alerts come double and together with the TTS I get the android notification sound. ( all my notification from vera alerts are TTS).


Same here, that’s the buggy part. Hoping for an update soon. Like you, I get delays, badges for notifications are not as they should be. It’s hit or miss really. We’re at the mercy of Richard on this one. He’s our only hope it would seem.

Noticed this too. I wish Android had an easy roll-back process…

I just uninstalled the current 7.05. looks like it was just updated too, but still causing me issues. Based on the comments for the app (play store), rolling back might be short lived. See below comments from Richard the developer. I installed 6.10 as others have mentioned. It’s still a littl slow at times, but not so buggy. I found 6.10 on Aptoide. Appears to be safe and free of viruses.


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Supports Pinch Zoom.
Fix missing privilege for Android 9 Users from previous release causing crash.
Fixed other Android 9 issues.

I sure hope RTS is testing with Android 8. My Galaxy S8 has plenty of life left in it. He lists 5.0 and up, so should be good…

After 2 or 3 updates I’m at 7.05 and the app is working fine on my GS10+.

Just installed version 7.07 lets hope this one works as expected.

Seems like I still need to unlock the screen to receive events.

Edit: now I recieved an event even if the screen was locked. Need to keep an eye on this.

7.07 is force closing on me again…

If I leave the app open and lock the screen I get messages instantly. But if I close the app and lock the screen I get the messages when I unlock the screen.

The other issue with both “defaut” alert sound and TTS is also still valid on 7.07.

7.05 was buggy, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, when I updated to 7.07, it’s constant crashing on my Galaxy s8. 7.05, I miss you :stuck_out_tongue:

the world is crashing … where is Richard

I am on a galaxy s7 edge. VeraAlerts works but not as good as before all these updates.

I am now on 7.09 … seems to be OK.

Got double notifications , TTS and the android standard alert everytime together.
I saw in “app notifications” you can switch “vera alerts - Default” to off.

Now it seems to behaving normally.


Just made the move to 7.09. so far so good.

App no longer crashes when trying to open.

Odd, every time I open the app, even when going back into the app once already open, still get a badge and notification that simply says Vera Alerts.

I have the option selected for override alert tone. I now get the voice (TTS) alert, but still get the annoying message tone at the same time.

When I do get a notification, not only do I get the accurate notification and badge, it always sends a second one that says Vera Alerts. I get the feeling this second notification, the Vera Alerts one, is where the annoying message tone is coming into play. Also, the primary notification can easily be dismissed by swiping. The Vera Alerts one not only covers the actual notification but it can’t be swiped away. It stays put for exactly 1 min before disappearing.

Getting better Richard, so close to the goal my friend…thank you for your efforts!!