Vera Alerts and Tasker

I’m trying to get Tasker to mute my phone when I’m in bed and turn the sound back on when I get up. I have followed the instructions found here:

[quote=“Ric, post:31, topic:173172”]Install Vera Alerts on the Vera and on the phone and set it up to work.
In android settings go to accessibility and switch Tasker to on (this makes Tasker able to read notifications).
Make a new profile with Event / UI / Notification and select owner application Vera Alerts.
In the enter task select you action, for example “silent mode off” select “if” and put in %NTITLE ~ unmute
Now Tasker will perform the action when you send a message with the keyword unmute in from Vera via Vera Alerts.
Continue add actions of choice in the enter task with different “ifs” and keywords.
Order doesn’t matter, Tasker will not perform the action if the “if” keyword doesn’t match and will continue down the list of actions.[/quote]

But all I get is a Vera Alerts notification. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wacky or if this is also not working for other people.

See attached screen captures of my Tasker gonfiguration.

I see one problem, take away the “In Bed” in the title of the event. Otherwise it will only trigger from the notification “In Bed”.

Yep. That seems to have done the trick. Thanks!