Vera account removal

I have a Vera controller for my home. I purchased one for our business for my dad to control. I set him up as the administrator. Then I tried to add myself as an administrator, but since I already had an account it wouldn’t let me. I figured out that I could give access to a specific controller. I then deleted the controller from my dads account and added it to mine. I have the new controller on my account now and am trying to figure out how to give my dad access to the new controller now that he already has an account and it won’t let me do it on sharing a user since he already has an account.

Hi BBrown,

It’s likely that your dad’s account is still on file even though no controller is currently listed under it, so please write to from the email address associated with your dad’s account requesting account deletion. Once deleted, you can add him as a user with the same username and email that were previously deleted Users & Account Info>Other users if doing it from the web UI, Menu>Users & Account Info>Users in Android, or Menu>Users in iOS.

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