vera 3 wan light rapidly blinking - no internet

After working for a while my vera 3 is now unable to connect to the internet. Whenever my cable modem gets plugged into the WAN port, the WAN light starts blinking and I am not able to connect to the internet and vera is not able to upgrade firmware (via the ui) or via MiOS.

I have reset vera (reset button double press) - no success
I have left vera in the rapidly blinking WAN light state for several hours - no success
I have reset network using ui5 - no success
I cannot find a firmware link to flash using ui5 - please help!?

have you read thru this thread?,9027.0.html

[quote=“davem2421, post:2, topic:170233”]have you read thru this thread?,9027.0.html[/quote]

Yes, I did the telnet reset which did not work. Later on a ‘reset to network default settings’ finally did the trick (I could swear I tried this before) and I am now up and running.