Vera 3 Update = ZWave: Failed to Start

Hi, I just updated my Vera3 to the latest version 1.5.622 and now no Z-Wave?

Also, my Insteon light dimmers are not saving their names/title/room, etc… in UI5.
System has been pretty unreliable the short time I’ve had it.

At first I had some network issues when I first installed all the equipment so I just disconnected everything.
Now that I have some extra time, I decided to have at it again and finish my home automation project and sure enough, new issues. Hopefully, tech support can figure it out.

My network consists of:

1 Vera 3
5 Insteon Dimmable Wall Switches
1 Kwikset Z-Wave Lock

I plan to add about half a dozen additional Insteon light switches (will this make my Insteon network stronger and more reliable?), 2 more Kwikset Z-Wave locks, several IP Cameras and a DSC or other compatible alarm control panel.

I hope I don’t face the same unreliable issues with the cameras and alarm system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I must say… Tech Support does a fine job. All is working great now.

Tech support advised that the internal Z-Wave chip may have come loose and sure enough when I opened the case, the chip was nearly out of socket.
I reseated the Z-Wave chip, powered down the Powerlink, reboot and all is good and better than ever actually.

I also just downloaded the Vera Mobile App for my Iphone and it works very well.
The Z-Wave Kwikset Deadbolt is a bit slow to respond, but I think that’s due to the fact it being so far away.